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How Do I Transfer Draftrs Folder?

  • I got Opera verion 12.16 and Opera version 11.52. How can I transfer my drafts folder from version 11.52 to version 12.10?

  • There's no way to import messages as drafts. You can export them though.

    As for transferring the drafts folder, it's located in the "store" folder in the "mail" folder. It contains drafts for all accounts. Opera keeps track of the messages in there via omailbase.dat. So, you can copy the drafts folder from an old install and paste it into the store folder (overwriting and drafts with the same filenames that are already there). But, any files that don't have entries in omailbase.dat won't show up in Opera.

    A workaround might be to:

    • Goto "Menu -> settings -> import and export -> import mail -> import generic mbox" and import each draft mbs file into a certain account where you set the mbs file or folder in the "move to sent" drop-down. That would import them as sent messages. Then, you'd right-click each one in "All Messages/Sent", click edit, wait for a draft to be created and then close the draft without discarding it. Then, you should be able to delete the "All Messages/Sent" copy.

    The problem with that is it might fail for messages with attachments where the attachments won't get attached. But, if these are just regular drafts, it shouldn't be a problem.

    In 11.52, you can right-click in the mail panel, goto "show messages from" and then set it to a certain account. Then, you can right-click "All Messages/Drafts" to export all the drafts for just that account to a single mbs file, which will ease the importing process.

  • Hi burnout. I will look into that. Thanks.

    I need your help with something else please. The mail compose window in 11.52 is different from the one in 12.16, despite using the same skin in both versions. I want to get the mail compose window in 12.16 to look like the one in 11.52.

    Even tbough I'm using the same skin in both versions, it seems that both versions use different code or files to interpret the way that the mail compose window looks. I was thinking about copying the file responsible for this in 11.52 and pasting it in 12.16. If this is possible, please tell me which is the file for this.