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WOW opera mini DATA SAVINGS. Everyone Must look

  • Even you may have more strong result than this.
    It's 6.2 MB Original Page Size of 27.3 MB. It's huge... really huge. WOW. Like that. Good Play OPERA.
    The screenshot shows all. Have a look here >>
    Post yours too...

  • It's astonishing

  • Yes, but we want more. A beer eventually, home brewed.

  • how did you get more data?,im always worried that my phone would not have enough . because i download, upload constantly

  • That's about 77%. It usually does better. UC browser does about 90% savings

  • @mp7

    "how did you get more data?,im always worried that my phone would not
    have enough . because i download, upload constantly"

    • the main reason you use such a low performance "browser" is for the data compression which saves your data usage. That's how you get more data. Uploads & downloads are not compressed I don't believe, so you wouldn't see any savings there.
  • It's 90% average for all data sessions with Opera Mini or Opera22 off-road.

  • It's astonishing

    It's hogwash.

  • Opera really doesn't updates to android(opera mini) anymore prioritizing ios & java(ok) and all that hidden consumption is still prevalent all from opera mini 6. From past 1 or 2 years (or more)
    It's saved my 80% data( I always keep on LOW image quality) but if this 0%(or -infinity) accounted 😕 than I could assume that it saves just 30-to-40%

  • "It's 90% average for all data sessions with Opera Mini or Opera22 off-road."

    1st of all, this is about opera mini, not opera 22 off-road or any else, opera mini only..

    2ndly, as a blatant statement of fact, it's incorrect, because I just checked mine ((total- for a long tim) & it's 85%, not 90. Not that that isn't great, but it's not 90. I'm pretty sure that opera mini claims "up to 90" & if so, it would never average 90, as you incorrectly state. Doesn't make sense..

    On if browser, it's about the same or higher. Someone earlier suggested that is only maybe true for UC mini, but that's not the case, as I have never had UC mini. It's near 90% w/full UC browser & default settings, that I am getting. I also am currently downloading a music show, on UC browser & on next browser, w/resume function. And on UC, you can stream it as well. None of that is even remotely possible on Opera Mini. If I hit the download button on Opera Mini, it instantly fails every single time. It's useless except maybe for certain tiny files.

  • Should've read: "..on UC browser, it the same or..."

  • To be fair, I just also checked data usage for my UC browser acct. The total savings, based on approx 44GB of usage is approaching 82%. So the point is that they both save roughly the same amt of data, but UC browser does far far more functionality, as a browser. And my guess is, that if compression/data savings were the most important consideration (not for me, but for many, it is..) that the use of UC mini would likely exceed that of opera mini.

  • So you use the full UC browser and compare it to Opera Mini, but the scowl when

    "It's 90% average for all data sessions with Opera Mini or Opera22 off-road."


  • Guyz this page is created on serious issue posted on 1post in a friendly cast.
    It's not normal bug.
    Back to bug, I understand that some loading pages/websites may be hogging data for loading large images or dynamic content but there should be a way to curb them sucking unnecessary EXTRA overage data than required after all o'mini meant to be as small, as low as fast, as data saver as possible.

    The solution can be achieved in two ways.

    1. CLIENT Side: A SMART technique in o'mini itself
    2. SERVER Side: Opera SERVER automatic page content.....

    Fuck up opera, update mini, God know what he'll you doin in.

    Or if You can't do this then instead of Showing 0% in data savings page, The app must show negative stats/percentage. (I hope you(opera) would be opting for the solution. Right? Absolutely. So fix the bug)

  • To recreate problem, do this:
    *Set image quality to low(optional but best)
    *Reset Data Savings(Opera Menu > Help > Data Savings > RESET)
    *close all tabs

    1. Load/open a page/site with high data consumption(
    2. Let it load completely(Or stop loading if too much time passed)
    3. Check Data Savings.

    Report here if Data Overage(optional)

  • No need to Reset TOTAL Data Savings, just current session

  • Average is 90 because on all 3 mini apps savigs for all sessions are lockout on that limit. SE C510 with medium quality set.