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Preventing Full Screen Mode exit

  • Hello,

    is it possible to prevent exiting of full screen or presentation mode when I hit Esc key?

    Esc key is used in a lot of web pages. Sometime if you hit it, it's handled by web page, but much more usually, it's handled by browser itself causing exit of full screen mode.
    Hitting Esc key is so common nowadays (e.g. if you want to stop loading a page, escape image overlay, etc...), it makes me crazy to constantly re-entering full screen mode and rearranging desktops in Mission Control after accidental Esc key hit.

    Thanks a lot for any hints.


  • Opera has been a bit too aggressive about leaving full screen mode lately. It should be fixed now (or in an update due very soon).

  • why the esc key, it's a commonly used key for browsing (to stop loading and javascript dialog boxes)

    there should be option in the settings to disable this, not enforced.

  • Any update here?
    Really annoying when using online excel or google sheets.

  • Bump...

    This really is painful while using Opera

  • Same issue for me.

  • This bugged me all day. So I ended up following aditya-srinivasan's answer on

    Basically, you need to get a Keyboard Modifier : 'karabiner' in this instance. The XML file on the example was for Safari, I modified it to work for Opera..

    This is the same as the aditya-srinivasan answer targeting Opera. Follow the same instructions and use this as the contents for the XML file. You'll get the option at the top of the first tab after 'reloading the XML file'

    <?xml version="1.0"?>
      <!-- ============================================================ -->
        <name>Escape to Option + Escape on Opera</name>
        <autogen>__KeyToKey__ KeyCode::ESCAPE, KeyCode::ESCAPE, ModifierFlag::OPTION_L</autogen>
      <!-- ============================================================ -->

    See aditya-srinivasan answers on the downloading

  • There is no delete button here !

  • Up ! Please Opera Fix this without needing to install a Keyboard modifier !!!!

    That ruin all ma experience with Opera !