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  • On one machine I use win 2000 for old applications, I still need. I'm looking for a relatively safe browser for win 2000. what is the oldest version of Opera I can use ??? Thanks for indications the version number.

  • Any version of Presto Opera should run OK on Windows 2000, I used it myself up until a couple of years ago. The latest is 12.17. As for the oldest, well take your pick, although 11.64 was highly thought of by many. I personally wouldn't go any earlier than that.
    Not sure whether the newer Opera versions will run on 2000, it's not officially supported, but there's no harm in trying it.

  • Thans for your reaction, 12.17 doesn't install, I tried before posting my question. So Or I need a newer installer inside win2000?? or an older version. - wich one is the last that installs in win2000?

    11.64 installs without any problem. I stick to that version on this machine.

  • Glad you found a version you're happy with.
    I was wrong in my last post, the last Presto version that works with Windows 2000 is 12.02, which is also the last version that can be made to work with Windows 98!
    You could therefore go up to 12.02, but if you're happy with 11.64 that's fine!

  • What would prevent Opera 12.17 to install on Win95?

  • Newer versions of libraries that exist in newer versions of Windows and are needed by later versions of Opera, that are not available in Windows 95.

  • Ah yes, the good old Win32s times, i remember running win95 games on Win3.11 hehe. Would be one hell of a task to make Opera 12.17 work on Win 3.11

  • ... I'm looking for a relatively safe browser for win 2000. ...

    Just as an added suggestion on older Opera browsers, you might consider turning the browser's JavaScript capability off to reduce the attack surface significantly. (Shift+F12 > Advanced > Content > UNcheck the "Enable JavaScript" box > OK). While this will tend to 'break' or interfere with some sites, you can always reverse that setting either by simply re-checking the box, or (safer) only enable it for known sites you trust (via going to the site > right click on a blank part of the page > Edit site preferences > Scripting > Enable Java Script > OK).