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General Opera GX Suggestions and Requests Topic

  • This topic is to concentrate the suggestions and requests that are mixed up.

  • I would be nice to have the option of Icon, window and speed dial tab opacity. The options in themes to do this woukd be nice.

    As a gaming browser an onscreen keyboard option would be a nice addition if like me we only have a mouse and joypad on hand from the couch, as specially if it could be resizable and auto popup if no spysical keyboard detected. Finally an option for drag n drop icon sorting in the side bar and speed dial would be useful maybe ? Brilliant browser though, best by far. Cheers.

  • Hi. I would like to make a few suggestions, when I open a new window I would like the bookmarks bar to appear below the address bar but when I load the page I would like it to disappear.
    I would also like the sidebar to appear when I collide with the mouse pointer on the left side of the screen and when I remove the pointer I would like it to disappear, I use the windows browser, I also like my phone's full version, but The mini has problems loading many pages

  • I would Very like to see option to disable opening links in new tab automaticly that thing is drvining me insane and there is no way to disable it. I tried everything. So please add that you can disable opening normal links from google search from opening in new tab.

  • I would like to have the reddit application on the sidebar as well as twitter and discord.

  • @leandroAM333 It's still an experiment but you can enable opera://flags/#sidebar-site-panel and add it yourself.

  • The clicky sound at every key stroke is a veery cool feature but bouth your option are on the "clicky" side of the mech switches, so my sugestion would be to add a couple of "linear" switch sounds.

  • It is pretty obvious that a lot of extensions and sites uses the ALT key for some really obvious reason. But we can't use it in Opera and Opera GX, because it opens a dropdown menu .-.
    It is indeed useless and annoying for me and a lot of people. Maybe just allow to delete this key bind in settings.
    Also as you can deduce it after reading title and the post up to this point, that music in background is useless too. Who use it? I think all use just youtube in tab or some external app like spotify etc. It just takes space and does nothing...
    But all other features are quite cool also the UI, that's why I'm still here. But don't make me switch to google chrome .-.
    Wow, you read it all! Thank you 😉
    Have a nice day 😃

  • @Adrian080 i,,,,,, i use the bg music feature,,,,,

  • I think that adding customizable bookmarks on speed dial page would be awesome (message me please if this could be done already). I'm talking about setting an images to every single bookmarks. Right now bookmarks are just a colourful icons with text in it. For me, that's not really convenient. For example, for my gmail bookmark i want to add a gmail logo on it, in order for better visualisation.

    In my opinion, this feature is not very complicated to program, but at the same time it adds plenty of individualisation to browser.

    Btw, best gui browser right now, really appreciate your work and hope to help you more in future! Thanks!

  • @Adrian080 yeah, i'm using bg music too sometimes, bc it's quite relaxing. Moreover, you can simply disable it in settings, so thats no big deal.

  • Hi! Will opera gx see a built-in multiple profiles feature in the future (for easier navigation instead of manually doing it by modifying the folders and such)? It will be incredibly helpful for shared computers and for doing different stuff online simultaneously that requires different accounts. Also the discord server invite doesn't work anymore, i would love to join and be updated. Thanks! Keep up the good work.

  • @leocg It would be nice if there was an option to access the session stored in Last Session and Last Tabs and other back up sessions in the case of a lost session due to a crash (I am currently in a scenario where such a feature would prove useful) another thing that would prove useful is if Opera had an alternate backup that is taken everyday and held for a week. It would also be nice to have an alternate option for Hot Tabs Killer where rather than to kill the tabs you could put them to sleep the same way that Opera GX does to all the tabs when you turn the RAM limiter down all the way and enable the Hard limit. A final nice to to have would be the option to put a music player and history on the sidebar to pause, play, skip, and mute, media, and retain a history of the tabs that have recently played media and have the ability to pause, play, skip and mute those tabs.

  • I want a hard limit for the CPU limiter

    • Dragging tabs out of windows and to a separate window must be addressed, It's currently very buggy and you must drag a tab out of a window before placing it into a different window.
    • Sidebar is an amazing feature, I don't need it on every window. I suggest a small button to toggle the sidebar per window. Simple checkbox to disable a sidebar with every new/dragged tab.
    • Flow is a brilliant concept, it must be able to grab my current timecode from videos. I would rather just pull it up from my youtube history without flow if it saves my play location.

    Creative suggestions (less important)

    • Tab color per website: have each tab slightly tinted towards the website icon that it's on, for easier readability.
    • A button on the built-in snapshot that instantly puts your screenshot into flow.
    • Workspace colors
    • Fade from disabling force dark page so my eyes don't explode (some icons are invisible without disabling)
  • Add Music player.

  • Add the Threema Messenger to the sidebar.
    Threema is getting bigger and bigger.
    It's the better WhatsApp 😉 (My Opinion)

  • i would like to request the opera gx team to add a few of the following features in a new update to the gx browser:-
    1)the ability to change the colour for the tabs in the start page(or to add a picture to it).
    2)to customize the songs for the background music.
    3)a Gmail icon in the sidebar.
    4)the ability to customize the position of the sidebar.
    5)the ability to add custom sites into the sidebar.

    those are all of the suggestions I could think of. you don't have to implement all of the features but it would be greatly apperashated if you add a few of the features listed above.

  • I play death metal guitar and was forced to use ASIO deus and got a eureka. All my replays have music and fellow voices that were audible to me at the time which is problematic. Note that I would like to archive my best replays in .mp4 or .webm format without the music and screams on discord application.

  • This post is deleted!