Testing for Adobe Shockwave player plugin does not give results, it's blank

  • Hi.
    Noticed for a while now that testing for the shockwave player installation (https://www.adobe.com/shockwave/welcome/) does not render the result of test...in fact it pops an irregular 'shockwave director plugin is slow' dialog box, like it's trying to handle it. Tested on all other main browsers (IE, Firefox, Chrome) and no issues. Just thought you'd like to know and perhaps address it.

  • Yup, I also get a blank in the test area. I don't get the dialog box (but I don't have the patience to wait for it).

  • I get a blank area too, even after I uninstall and then reinstall the latest shockwave player for opera. Plus, when I go to the Google translator page, the normal "speaker icon" does not appear, which relies on shockwave player. Hence I infer that the shockwave player on my opera does not work, but I don't know why. Does anyone has any working solution?

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