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  • Hello All!

    Good to be back after summer, I hope you had a good time. And now it might get better, as you can now update your Opera browser to version 24. This time we focussed on fixing crashes and performance fixes, changelog is as follows:

    • Chromium version update to 37
    • Improvements for video playback
    • Added support for eBay application
    • Various stability and usability improvements

    Update is now available on Google Play. Please try it out and leave feedback here or report bugs via tool in settings.

    Take care!

  • 22b2 was rather slow backed by Opera Max, I hope that 24beta works better.

  • That's it? Skipped 23 and bring a boring release? ... When are you finally improving it in any way, a little more faster than taking a year to implement something we have been asking since the initial release like swipe up to close a tab?

    Off-Road, the real classic Turbo-like one, when is it coming to the stable version? Why does iOS gets a completely redesigned and hybrid engine Opera (plus Coast) and Android improvements are so poor?
    I repeat what I said in another topic, it feels like it needs visual improvements to look more modern...

    Where's Opera Link? And advancements in editing/adding the Speed Dial entries properly?
    When can we finally have choice over the default search engine? And setting pages font size when web devs block zooming and even though you contact them they simply don't fix their site's terribly small font size ever!?

    And what's this "eBay application"?

  • Feels like a hybrid client using both protocols http/socket (Max app similar), latency is too high. Pixel ratio is 1.5, not so useful. hardwareConcurrency is enabled. So much to say using turbo mode.

  • Do Android releases no longer matter in that updates get posted to the forum instead of the mobile blog? It gets kinda hard to follow and keep Opera Android properly updated if the news isn't posted around in more locations besides the forums.

  • There's an unintelligible iOS worship going on.

  • This pre-release or beta version needs a test drive to work properly and new users usually doesn't fit the profile. 24beta it's a hard nut to crack but not in peiorative sense, that's on good side. 🙂 It will show up in mobile store eventually, if not now then soon.

  • There's an unintelligible iOS worship going on.

    I've seen your comment about iOS and Coast but nothing related with Android-Skyfire client in off-road mode. Do you really use 24beta?

  • I don't get your question, of course I'm testing the 24 beta. Skyfire doesn't exist anymore, what do you mean?

  • We need more features and design improvements like on ios, it feels as if Android is getting very basic updates

  • rafaelluik:

    we have been asking since the initial release like swipe up to close a tab?

    It's already implemented in Opera 22.

  • It's already implemented in Opera 22.

    I know that, read what I wrote in full do not cut it!

  • Delegated Renderer suck big time over http protocol and that's why oopsing is mandatory.

  • Now video player is not internal but still opera servers doesn't poses any control over player buttons or resolution. I can set manually choosing from 240/320/720 resolution in some cases but that doesn't fit well for full HD flash content.

  • In previous version Youtube Desktop version perfectly played video on Galaxy Note 10.1 KitKat and Galaxy Note 2 Jellybean.

    However now in this Beta only Youtube mobile version plays video.Opera Beta in desktop mode hangs and does nothing.

    Example, A Matter Of Cream Pie:
    This is an example link.

    However in current standard Opera Mobile Chromium based it plays fine both in desktop mode and mobile mode.

    I do not agree video playback has improved. Also I want to share a Youtube URL with any app able to handle URL like gmail or the built in youtube app just in case, for commenting or sharing.

    This is not possible yet. However in Opera Mobile Classic it however that is working. So I now switch between Opera Beta, Opera Mobile and Opera Classic. Opera Classic is the only way to shareca youtube video with e.g. GMail Android App.

    Please try the example video, first clean all history, cached data then press the youtube video link. Now change Opera Beta into desktop modevor visa verca, but always clean data in privacy setting.

    A Matter Of Cream Pie:
    This is an example link.

  • opera beta has some page displaying issues with gmail.

  • No matter what after starting a new session and loading only one page (or several pages) the phone refuse to respond to any command (except keylock) for 20s or so just after backlight timeout (set at 30). This problem occur only one time per session especially when cache size is 35MB or more. 24b on nexuss running ICS 4.0.4, all stock in that old junk.

  • ive lost all my bookmarks on my android mobile, i want all my bookmarks and my pages synchrnise with my mobile..

  • @personal19
    That depends on viewport as window size. Basically opera24 is on firefox10.0 level as dev stage for internal player, perhaps in your case the player can't overwrite the UI for fullscreen view.

  • @srib3
    Can be found at