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how do i remove the google search bar from the speed dial?

  • not a fan of google, and im not a fan of a search bar on my speed dial. i cant seem to find the option to remove. is there even an option? or am going to have to install and older version of opera?

  • Go to Settings (Opera -> Settings or type opera:settings in the address bar). Remove the focus from the search field and enter the konami code in your keyboard: ↑↑↓↓←→←→BA

    This will enable Power User Settings, which will make it possible to remove the search bar in Speed Dial.

  • ive done as you instructed but dont see any option of removing the search bar. ive tried right clicking and left clicking on the bar itself and ive scrolled through the setting page numerous times and still nothing.

  • nevermind, i got it. thank you!

  • You have to first left click somewhere on a blank area of the right hand side of the settings page, then type (using your keyboard) 'up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, b,a' then a large message will appear in the middle of your screen (if you did it correctly) asking if you are sure you want to enable 'Power user mode'. If not, keep trying until you see that massage. You will then be able to see the option to 'Hide the search box in Speed Dial'.

  • Wow! Thank you rafaeljvieira for this one. I too prefer to use a different search engine than Google, and since I don't use it I felt like that was just so much wasted space in my Speed Dial. If I could change the Speed Dial search engine to my preferred one I would use it.

  • I think I might have figured out part of it. See the following:

    After enabling the power user settings, I removed the search bar from Speed Dial. Then I added a default search engine by clicking on "Manage search engines..." Now when I type the letter f in the address bar followed by the search terms I want to use, my new custom search engine searches for those terms.

    In the following example, I changed English Google to use Brasil Google.


    Keyword: f

    Address: (the word amp; in the url should not be there)

    The key is to get the url extension correct for the search engine you choose.

    Here is another example using DuckDuckGo and the letter d.

    Name: DuckDuckGo

    Keyword: d


    You can go to a search website and do a search, then look at the full address in the address bar (by clicking on it) to see how to format a search for that search engine. Use that url followed by %s

  • @gomjabbar, But what happens when you restart Opera ?.

  • @linuxmint7 Still works after restarting.

  • You can simply right click on the search field of the search engines you want to add and choose "Create Search Engine". You can then add a keyword to that search engine. If you do that, the URL should be correct by default.