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  • @cretanjohn sorry, yes, this forum is very confusing indeed, have never seen anything like it. sorry for any confusion. theres probably a button on the opera extensions management page to update your extensions. if not you may need to turn the developer mode switch on first, then it should appear.

  • @st333v That's done it. Thanks.

  • As of 11/13/20, not working on any of my browsers. Love it when it is working though. I detest the newest version. Lol, us old folks like it to stay simple. Thank you for all your effort on this.

  • @hawksflight1: @hawksflight1: try the latest Revert Site update v9, it should work much better now. It now has 2 revert modes, the default one should get the full old site design back including the Newsfeed. If mode 1 doesnt work, you can use the fall back mode, but its not as feature complete as mode 1, mode 2 cant revert the newsfeed, instead facebook redirects you to the mobile version of the newsfeed page.

  • @st333v Thanks. I'll try it. How do I fine the update?

  • I have always used FBP and love it. I hate the new version of Facebook as it is Horrible with my page an rearranging images. It is utterly useless now!!! Please fix FBP to correct this facebook ignorance asap! I tried your fixer app, both modes 1 and 2 and they refresh my page but still both in ugly FB land trapped forever!

  • @st333v Thank you so much for your fast answer. I use Opera, firefox and chrome, all three are being brats right now with this. My messenger posts are back to the old style so that's good. No worries, I don't know code or how to do programming, so I'll wait patiently and as soon as I can, I'll send a few bucks on the donation page. I appreciate your good work very much. Have a great weekend and stay safe and healthy.

  • Hi,
    Its an awesome extension, and I wholeheartedly appreciate all the work that has gone into it, thanks:)

    However it stopped working in Mode 2 on all browsers including Opera, yesterday. Facebook must of changed things. Is there any way of a fix?

  • Hi again,

    You are doing a lovely job, and I appreciate your work, so thanks for your great work.
    I have decided I will be donating to you as I want to support you, I don't have a lot of money but I do want to support you.

    Thank you, please keep going 🙂

  • Hi,
    It seems to be stuck again. Is there any chance of a fix?

  • @tiger2000: @goodpasture: due to facebook closing many of the loopholes RS was using to get the old site back, currently RS can only Revert Biz/Fan Pages, Events, and a few other pages, it cant revert Newsfeed or Groups. But can revert photo album edit pages (for personal profiles, Pages, and Groups)