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Can't install extension in new Opera (from 15 to 23)

  • Hello,

    I am not able to install any extension into the new opera.
    I always geht the Error "Download failed".
    Is there a special trick to get an extension into Opera 23, or is there an workaround?


  • Hello,

    so we can have more info on your issue, could you please follow these steps?

    1. Go to opera://flags/#addons-detailed-errors
    2. Enable 'Detailed error information on the addons website' flag
    3. Restart Opera
    4. Try to download extension again

    Furthermore, even if download fails, please check if the extension is disabled under opera:extensions.


  • I still get the same error: "Beim Installieren der Erweiterung ist ein Fehler aufgetreten: Download failed". It pops up in a red box directly beneath the install-button.

    Opera:Extensions is completly empty. I get this error with every extension I try to install.

  • Firewall or Antivirus blocking download?

  • Where are you downloading/installing the extensions from (website address) ?.

  • I disabled both my firewall and my antivirus (MacAfee), but it does not help.
    I get the same error when trying to install a theme.

    How can I see from which webseite opera tries to download the extension?

  • Okay, link behind the download extension button:

  • And another Problem: Downloads with Oper 23 do not work. I get an error, that my Antivirus software caused an error. Funny is, I do not have any installed. Even the windows tools are all disabled.
    And no other software on my PC causes so much pain. All other browsers work like intended.

  • No ideas?

  • Ahhhhhhhhhh.......[should have read your August 10 more closely]

  • Only idea I have is to remember 'KISS'...[Keep It Simple Stupid]. NO PERSONAL MESSAGE, TIM... JUST THE ACRONYM!!!

    I've no love for version 23, but I have to admit it downloads perfectly for me, and installed my favorite YOU TUBE Downloader...which I use often to 'capture' the MP4 of some good music. I'm using version 23 to augment 12.17 and now as my You Tube MP4 downloader.

    Maybe your various Malware Prevention Scheme(s) are your culprit. Here I run my browsers and E-Mail client in a sandbox..."Sandboxie" to be specific. I don't even have other prevention jazz installed.

    My 'idea'......

  • I guess I have it simple. No sandbox, but I do not want to have that effort.
    All I want to have is a working Opera browser like Version 12 is (and all other programs on my PC too, btw).
    Only the new Opera is a pain in the neck. I really try to use it but without expansions and downloads, I can't.

    I have this problem since the first new Opera version I installed. Must have been Opera 15 if I remember correctly. Was not able to install extensions and I tried with every new version (now success).

    Perhaps I try a clean and new install of Opera 23 in a new folder without any connectiosn to Opera 12 (installed in the same folder I think.

    Does anybody know if I can deinstall Opera 15 without damaging Opers 12 if both sit in the same folder?

  • Hello,

    I just have to say that I didn't find any solution to my problem, so perhaps anybody here can try to help.

    Is it save to deinstall opera 23 if I installed it in the same folder than opera 12?


  • You're going to have to back up your profile in order to ensure you do not lose anything. I'm confused as to why you would install Opera 23 into the same folder with Opera 12. They can easily run side by side in separate folders. Do a search for backing up your profile before you attempt to uninstall the newer version.

  • [Mod edit: Do not hijack topics, post in a related exiting topic or create your own]

  • Okay, I de- and reinstalled Opera 24 in a new separet folder, but still get (1) an error when trying to install extensions and (2) after finishing a download, opera always says, that my antivirus software reported an error scanning the file. BUT: There is no antivirus software running. I see the ".opdownload"-File but not the finished file. It gets delete I guess.

    No other programm is having problems like this on my PC. I really want to use and like Opera, but I guess I have to stick to 12.17 or going to Chrome.


  • After some minor updates still no solution to my problem. Does anybody have any idea?

  • I'd uninstall Opera 23 and put in a more recent version like 25.

    As a side note, don't use MacAfee, its a terrible application. Same with Norton. Microsoft Security Essentials/Defender is free and almost as good. Add Spybot or Malwarebytes, also free, and you're now well ahead of MacAfee in terms of protection and software quality.

  • Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE) is definitely not as good according to various tests of

    Instead of installing multiple applications to compensate the bad detection of MSE just install a decent one and use some common sense when dealing with stuff in the internet.

    File Detection Tests September 2014
    20. Microsoft 90.2 %

    File Detection Tests March 2014
    12. Microsoft 90.0%
    13. AhnLab 89.0%

    In the "Real-World Protection Tests" Microsoft is non-competive, too.