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  • The beta channel has been updated to 72.0.3815.49 ;-)
    The change log and the blog post.
    Some changes, fixes and improvements:
    - DNA-87466 Hide extensions icon is black in Dark theme.
    - DNA-88364 Make possible to manage premium extensions from the Toolbar.
    - DNA-88782 Open all in new window opens few windows.
    - DNA-88795 Unable to refresh page when popup is opened.
    - DNA-88838 add automatic VPN connection preference setting - opera:settings/vpn > Connect to VPN when starting browser.
    - DNA-88858 White stripe in webview elements after intake.
    - Few crash fixes - more info in the change log.
    New Opera's flags (in beta channel) - disabled by default (work in progress):
    - #search-tabs-close-button
    Show a button in Search Tabs to allow closing tabs.

    - #search-tabs-sort-relevance
    Sort Search Tabs results by relevance.

    - #tutorials
    Enable sidebar button opening Opera Tutorials page.

    - #unified-popups
    Enables new UI for popups.

    - #views-addressfield
    Replace native address field with Views control on Mac.

    The flag #easy-files is enabled in this build (ready to check).

    Removed flags #search-in-closed-tabs and search-text-in-tabs.
    Chromium is updated to version 86.0.4240.55.
    ☕   🖖   🍺

  • New update - 72.0.3815.86 ;-)
    The change log and blog post.
    Some changes, fixes and improvements:
    - DNA-88785 ‘Unknown’ label displayed when missing bookmark title in panel.
    - DNA-88836 Add option move to toolbar for premium extensions context menu.
    - DNA-88950 Cannot play video which was paused before detach.
    - DNA-89022 Save ‘show more’ state as a preference.
    - DNA-89175 Desktop without a flow paring should not initialize in browser startup.
    Known issue: WhatsApp icon is displayed in the Sidebar instead of VK icon.
    Chromium is updated to version 86.0.4240.72.
    ☕   🖖   🍺

  • New update - 72.0.3815.133 ;-)
    The change log and blog post.
    Some changes, fixes and improvements:
    - DNA-88825 Last added bookmark & speed dial item not shown in corresponding BABE columns.
    - DNA-88875 Some popups aren’t anchored and may occur in different places.
    - DNA-88954 [Win7] top bar is displayed in popups in non-Aero theme.
    - DNA-89007 Permission popup window is displayed above another application’s window.
    - DNA-89295 ‘Pin extension’ does nothing if Sidebar is disabled.
    - DNA-89332 Clicking again on Sidebar icon opens another popup over existing one.
    - DNA-89247 [Mac] full-screen video broken if Sidebar is hidden.
    - DNA-89451 [Mac] video in full-screen not working correctly with hidden menu/dock.
    The flags #search-tabs-sort-relevance and #unified-popups are enabled by default in this version.
    Chromium is updated to version 86.0.4240.75, which includes important security update.
    ☕   🖖   🍺

  • Hello

    Workspaces are great ! Life Saver ! Thanks ! We even have shortcuts to switch 🙂

    It seems workspaces names and icons are synced, but not their contents.
    Like the Speed Dials, I don't use workspaces for the same thing at work and at home.
    So now, My "raspi" workspace with a gift icon is now called "production" and has a gamepad icon.
    Quite disturbing.
    Can you stop syncing workspace names & icons across machines ? Or maybe keep it separate by machines, like the Speed Dials ?