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  • Hello Dear Developer, can you add the search engine Qwant in the browser? It's a search engine for privacy, like DuckDuckGo. You can trust this search engine. Really!
    Here is the URL:

    It's a search engine of the EU (France). I hope you will give this to the developer further. Thanks.

    And excuse me for the other suggestion thread, that the user should select, what they want (as a search engine). I read that the search engines are limit for security, what I can understand.

    What is the difference between the search engine DuckDuckGo and Qwant?

    The difference is, that Qwant has his own engine and doesn't borrow other engines, like DuckDuckGo. Example DuckDuckGo is using Bing engines and other engines (I'm not familiar with it). Plus the search engine is created and hosted in Europe, which means that the data protection is even better as DuckDuckGo because the servers are not in the US, which means that your privacy increase.

    What are the differences?

    If you host your search engine in the US, the data protection law is bad because the US does nothing in this, and companies like Google get powerful. If Google tries to collect data in Europe, they can't collect so much as they want (like in the US). But we don't talk about Google, we're talking about Qwant. Qwant goals are to search with their search engine privately and the search engine keep also his promise.

    How are the search results:

    The search results are like DuckDuckGo, but of my opinion is the search results better in Qwant.

    Why should we take the search engine into the search engine list?

    You should take the search engine on the list because the search engine has earned to be on the list because the search engine is based in Europe (also the server) and the privacy is higher as to use an American search engine.
    The search results are good like Google and this also a reason to take on the list. Furthermore, Qwant has a modern design + settings (like DuckDuckGo). Last but not least, the search engine will not keep you in a filter bubble.

    The search engine has also its own search engine index (I mean with this, the Qwant browser).

    I would say, the search engine would not speak against to take it in the list.

    More information about Qwant:

    I hope you accept Qwant as a search engine.

    Have a nice day.

  • @georgiii
    Hi. I am also in favour of having the option of using Qwant as a search engine, partly because DuckDuckGo seems to have a US bias. But as I understand it, Qwant also uses Bing but adds results from its own web crawler.
    See also:

  • @MickBeaman Thank you for the information. To be honest, I don't have a problem, that Qwant uses a bit of the Bing engine. I think not, that the data goes automatically to Microsoft because Qwant uses their search engine. It's also with other privacy search engines, that they use a third engine and not its own engine because it's not easy to develop an engine and give good results(of course without filter bubble).