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Change default search engine to DuckDuckGo

  • Hello,

    i would really like to change default search engine from Google to DuckDuckGo!

    I know i can add DuckDuckGo as custom search engine, but i am unable to make it default!

    And of course by setting it as the default search engine i would also expect that to reflect on my Speed dial!

    Thank you for help

  • It's impossible. Opera does not have the option to set custom search engines as default (for now, I don't lose the hope it could be included in future releases). This extension was created by to search directly from the toolbar:

  • Thank you! I really hope they will make this change soon, because that is one of the main resons i am sticking with Firefox and i really like the idea of Opera using Blink. I will check the plugin.

  • +1, this is currently my reason to stick with chrome.

    If it's possible in the original, it's imho highly dubious Opera removed it actively and the malware protection reason doesn't seem quite conclusive for me. It rather sounds like a contract with Google, or there at least would be some hidden power user option to change the default search engine (some .js in a protected directory or a shortcut, I suggest UP-UP-DOWN-DOWN-LEFT-LEFT-RIGHT-RIGHT-UP-UP-DOWN-DOWN-LEFT-LEFT-RIGHT-RIGHT).

    Sadly, to me this is an indication that opera has moved away from the "users first" spirit to the "take it or leave it" way after being forced against the wall by the competition :-\

  • Related issue here.

    Although I use Google for the default search engine, on my work computer they are going through some server in Brazil [even though I am located in the USA], so I get the Portuguese language version of Google when I type "g" plus the search terms in the address bar. I can bookmark an English version of Google and use that instead, but it's not as handy as using "g" plus the search terms in the address bar.

    It would be nice if I could edit the default search engine web address manually...

  • Hello,

    in order to change yout Google's localisation, please try this:

    1. Close Opera Browser, go to Opera's user profile directory (you can find the path in O-Menu->About Opera->Paths->Profile or opera:about),
    2. Open the "Local State" file, and change the "country" and the "country_from_server" values as follows:
      "country": "us",
      "country_from_server": "US",
      or if you would like, you can set them for the UK as follows:
      "country": "gb",
      "country_from_server": "GB",
    3. After that, increase the "timestamp" value also (it's important - without this change it will not work), for example:
      from this "timestamp": "1385978822600000000" to this "timestamp": "1485978822600000000",
    4. save the changes, close the file, and reopen Opera.

    (This solution was provided by Sgunhouse in another thread.)

    All the best

  • This solution was provided by Sgunhous

    Excellent solution, though for the wrong problem :-p ... the issue is to change the default search engine (i.e. w/o using a prefix) away from Google.

    But thanks anyway, at least this makes using Google a bit more bearable as I'm usually searching in English but until now Opera was so "helpful" to force me to my native language.