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  • I am having a problem all of a sudden, trying to access my email, and several other sites. It brings up a message that "it is not recognized, and to get me back to safety". How do I fix this?? I love using Opera - it is far superior to the other browsers!

    Thank you for your help!

  • What version of windows are you using? What version of the browser are you using? For mail, are you using the standalone Opera Mail 1.0 or the one built into Opera <= 12.17?

    I'd check in "internet options" in the control panel in windows. Under the "Connection" tab, click "LAN Settings" and make sure a proxy isn't set. If using Opera 12, goto "alt + p -> advanced -> Network -> proxy servers" and make sure one is not set there too. Check both each time your computer starts up for the time being.

    Also, disable all browser extensions in Opera to see if that helps.

    Do you notice and weird search behavior or search results when you search in Opera?

    In the network settings in the control panel, manage adapter settings and check the LAN/WAN connection you're using. Right-click on it and goto "properties". Then, check the properties of both the v4 a v6 tcp/ip parts to make sure "obtain automatically" is set for addresses and DNS.

    Open "C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts" in notepad. Make sure there are no uncommented entries (entries without a # in front) or that the only ones are ones that point to

    Sounds like you might have malware/spyware. You might want to download Malwarebytes, scan your system and remove any nasties it finds. Again though, check your LAN settings and such each time you start your computer to make sure something isn't changing the settings on you again.

    Doing a virus scan with your anti-virus software wouldn't hurt either.

  • Also, in each mail account's properties, make sure all the settings are still correct. Retype your username and password too.

  • I have Windows XP. It's my AOL mail, that I am not able to get into. I can get it in Firefox, but, for some reason, Opera will no longer pull it up!

  • It says,"Invalid Server Certificate" Get me back to safety!

  • Check the time, date, time zone and daylight savings time settings on your computer.

    It says,"Invalid Server Certificate"

    Is this with Opera 12 or Opera 23? (Have some things you can try, but what to try depends on what version of Opera you're using.)

    Or, the cert could really be invalid and Firefox just isn't catching it for some reason.

  • It's set on the correct time zine - I replaced the battery about a year ago.

  • I believe it's the latest version - how do I find that out?!

  • I believe it's the latest version - how do I find that out?!

    Click the menu button and goto "about Opera" (or Help -> About Opera)

  • Thank you. It's Opera 23!

  • It's Opera 23!

    Opera 23 uses the system's proxy settings, so make sure to check them as mentioned earlier. Also, check the time and date etc. as mentioned earlier.

    But, just in case it's a bug in Opera 23, see this post. Click the "Opera Developer offline package for Windows" link to download the installer. Launch the installer, click "options", change the "install path" to a folder on your desktop, set "install for" to "Standalone Installation (USB)" and install. Launch opera inside the folder on your desktop whenever you need to load that Opera.

    That Opera won't interfere with your normal Opera install at all. But, it will allow you to test to see if anything has been fixed in the developer builds.

    You can try the same thing with the Next Version.

    You can try the same thing with Opera 23 from to see if it's just something messed up with your regular Opera 23 profile. If so, we can investigate further.