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Latest Update Broke the Opera UI

  • @KetoKelo So guis, after restarting I have brand new opera. without any setings from before. menus and right click still not work, I qiut till new update :((

  • @t0kir0 said in Latest Update Broke the Opera UI:

    @KetoKelo So guis, after restarting I have brand new opera. without any setings from before. menus and right click still not work, I qiut till new update :((

    I don't blame you, tOkirO. This is a clown show release by Opera. It has nothing to do with Chrome because we have been told that Opera is not Chrome.

    So this catastrophe is all on Opera. They may have released a version of their browser that doesn't work just for a good laugh at their user's expense.

    I can't logically come up with any other reason for them to knowingly allow Opera 71 to be pushed out having full knowledge that it would not work properly.

  • @t0kir0 said in Latest Update Broke the Opera UI:

    @KetoKelo Thank you for advice, unfortunatelly this not work on my case. I enable this option, but no effect on menu and right click still not work. maybe my pc is old enough and no hardware acceleration here? How to downgrade to 70...?

    If you are using Ubuntu or Linux Mint, I saved the latest .deb file that I downloaded from Opera. It is version 70.0.3728.119. I uploaded it for you here:

    Opera .deb file

    It will tell you that you have a newer version installed on your computer, because you have already installed 71, and ask you if you really want to use an older version. Accept it and proceed to install.

    Other versions for different Linux distributions can be found here: Opera Install

  • @ctrlaltdel ThankYou, I try to download latest 70 version from ftp@opera. when install it all work like before. Only some passw and settings are missed. Now will wait for next 71.

  • @t0kir0

    Great, tOkirO. I'm glad you were able to go back. I had no idea ftp@opera existed. Thanks for the link.

  • I'm currently using Opera 71.0.3770.148 on ubuntu 20.04. After the most recent update, I am unable to right click on anything in Opera. Neither in the web page or in the menus. I can't left or right click on the Opera 'O' to access menus (I can physically click the mouse, but nothing happens). Anybody else have this problem or have any clue what the issue could be? Right click/mouse work fine in general everywhere else in the OS.

  • Yes, I had the same issue and it has been discussed at

    The solution is enable hardware acceleration when available.

    1. Go to opera://settings/system
    2. The top item listed there should be the 'Enable hardware acceleration when available' toggle.
  • @liewcheonfong Thanks so much! Didn't see that thread! That fixed it for me.

  • Unfortunately solution with 'Enable hardware acceleration when available' not working if you running OS in VirtualBox. 😞

    OS: Ubuntu 18.04.5 LTS x86_64
    DE: MATE
    WM: Metacity (Marco)

  • Opera just launched a new update, the 71.0.3770.171. Not only they didn't fix this issue, but without hardware acceleration, menus don't even exist (in my first post I explained that on 71.0.3770.148, menus did exist, but they weren't shown without hardware acceleration).

  • Ok, so, I am also without O menu and context menus. I recorded a very short clip showing that on Vivaldi and Opera the first option of the context menu of a link is in both "Open link in a new tab" but it is not visible only in Opera (but got lazy and didn't upload it elsewhere to link it here).

    Hardware acceleration makes no difference since I don't have a proper video card, it's much better to load work on a core on either of the Xeon processors in my setup.

    Some stuff about my system:
    Screenshot from 2020-09-23 11-18-53.png

    I post mostly to be informed when this is fixed and someone reports it here 😉 Thanks in advance!

  • @KetoKelo To be totally frank, it is my belief that Opera runs this forum for fun and takes no notice of support requests or user concerns posted in here.

    Google Chrome released an update yesterday so this latest Opera release probably only contains patches that are included within Chrome.

    Opera Beta works fine.

    The only reasons I use Opera are the built in VPN, the built in ad blockers and the laziness that prevents me moving to Vivaldi for my new main browser. The VPN is a useful tool for my day job. I use Chrome for entertainment and Opera Beta when Chrome lets me down.

    I really do hope Opera begins to pay attention to its userbase. Would be a shame to see the browser go the way of Netscape. If Opera wants to be the big browser on the block, its devs need to grow a pair of ears.

  • hardware acceleration works for me but think it should be patched by some other way...

  • Linux Mint 19.3.
    Installed yesterday opera-stable_71.0.3770.148_amd64 and updated today to opera-stable_71.0.3770.171_amd64
    Noticed O-menu not working and problems with right mouse click.
    Found threads from years ago but seem to be alone right now or are/were there others with the same problem?
    And if not, how did you manage?

  • @vr51

    Everyone knows about the right click menu and Opera menu being taken away from users in the latest release for some reason that hasn't yet been determined.

    But, in addition to that, have your or anyone else reading this thread, had an issue with font sizes in Speed Dial being too large after updating to 71?

    I am also having this issue, along with the others like the Opera Menu and right click context menu being purposely removed by Opera.

  • I right click to copy/paste all the time. Now after this latest update I can't anymore.

  • Seems as if not everyone knew about this problem. 😉
    I've read this thread but couldn't believe that it's a general problem.
    Was about to switch to opera after being driven away from firefox but things aren't better here.
    Gonna rethink switching.
    Perhaps try Opera again in a year or so.

  • @pyromantiker Even with this bug, things are much better in Opera than they are in firefox. Honestly, if you were really going to switch, then you'd switch. And if you were looking for a reason to not switch, then you found one. I doubt that this specific issue is the reason you'd not make the switch. It will get fixed in a matter of days, not a year. I'm sure you weren't trying to troll, but your comment reads that way.

  • @ctrlaltdel I've not yet experienced issues with the font size in Speed Dial.

    My enabled Start Page settings are only 2: 'Adjust animations for slow hardware' and 'Automatically adjust columns...' under opera://settings/?search=start+page.

    Under font (opera://settings/?search=font) I have 'Font Size: Medium', 'Page Zoom: 100%' and custom font size settings.

    Those settings could be why I do not have issues with font sizes, currently. I had issues in the past, which is why I adjusted them some time ago.


  • @pyromantiker I often say I'm about to jump ship from Opera to some other browser. The thing is.., Opera is better than the alternatives.

    Firefox was good in the past when addons, scripts and customizability made it stand out from all the other browsers but now, Firefox is just as dull as most other browsers. Opera has a few features that make it stand out from the rest, which is the only reason I persist with Opera despite the lack of consideration Opera's developers give to the needs and requests of its userbase.

    Sadly, there is a trend among software developers -- a trend that began 4 or 5 years ago -- to disregard the wants of the userbase and to behave with authoritarian vigour. The message from developers is: you get what you're given; what we think you need is more important than what you know you need; mother knows best.

    Stick with Opera. Leave Opera. Opera doesn't care.