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Wheel gesture to switch tab for Opera 22+

  • I still miss the wheel gesture from Opera 12 to switch the tabs: Hold right mouse button + move wheel.
    Addons from the GoogleChrome Store and Opera Extensions don't work or don't work well.

    Will the gesture come back at any time?

    I don't want to use the keyboard command Ctrl+Tab or click on it to switch the tab.

  • Yeah, this tab-switching gesture is probably my #1 most used gesture, even ahead of the "down-up"/"open link in a background tab" gesture. I... I'm not sure how to browse without it. Turning on the advanced keyboard shortcuts for the "1" and "2" tab switch helps, but, it's not the same.

    (Note: I'm trying out the "new" Opera again for the first time since the big changeover. It's in better shape than it was, but, version 12 is still dramatically more functional.)

    ETA: Wow! Only after posting this did I realize the "down-up" gesture is ALSO gone! Pressing the middle mouse button still does it, but... I'm in awe. It's like Opera ASA consciously chose to remove all most practical and innovative features from their browser when they changed engines.

  • Month later... Still no gesture in sight. To this day I tried every extension that offers mouse gestures and they are all bullshit. Firefox has a very good working extension/add-on pre-installed to use mouse gestures. It's called FireGesture but there is no version for GoogleChrome or Opera.
    Let's hope for the best.

  • They didn't remove the feature. That implies that Opera 15+ is related to Opera 12 and before. Its not. Its a completely different pile of code. Its going to take a very long time for the team to get the new Opera to a place where the old Opera was at. It took them 18 years to get up to Opera 12. The new version of Opera came out 18 months ago. It'll get there but its not going to happen overnight.