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  • When I enable opera turbo it's like not enabled at all. Nothing happens, still the same speed. Also my biggest problem with it is that it does not run flash players automatically. I always have to select to run. When I watch at youtube (with the Magic Actions for Youtube) it loads the video automatically but don't play automatically. This feature of Magic Actions is disabled by opera turbo because of the flash player auto run conflict.

    It would be nice to see the changes when using opera turbo, and fix the conflict with flash player auto run.
    Opera is a great browser. Easy to use, fast, great interface, user friendly, and my personal favorite.
    I prefer Opera more than Google Chrome.

  • What's your Opera? 11? 12?
    In my 11, nothing conflicts in this regard. I prefer video-content not running automatically, but either the browser or the sites I use behave unexpectedly: one time I have to hit the player area to activate the plugin, another - just to use it. I mean, there are settings in "Preferences" (and also "for the site"), but sites might contribute somehow too:left:

  • Opera Turbo was created for (very) slow connections. If your connection is good, you will never notice the difference between having Opera Turbo enabled or not. Please, specify your version of Opera... Maybe I can help you with your Flash Player problem.

  • Wow! When I found Opera I was amazed! It took a bit to get used to, as does everything new. Last week I started to experience having to 'click to run' adobe flash. sigh I did the emptying/cleaning/reboot/sys restore etc. Even uninstalled Opera, Adobe & re-did. PFFFT. !!! Light bulb moment- went to help & sent message (which I thought was going to outer wallahalla 😃 ), never expecting either an answer OR 'clue'.

    I rec'd the confirm Opera rec'd msg- next day or less, some wonderful soul from Opera emailed me & said it sounded like I enabled "Opera Turbo". :doh: DUH?! A simple check beside Opera turbo caused me a ration of bull-ony, nail-biting & swearing-

    Why does enabling 'turbo' do that? Should there be a warning pop-up to prevent ppl LIKE myself that 'clicking will totally mess up your pc, your mind & your life...' (if certain 'things' are NOT compatible) From what I just read above it happens to some & to others, not. Statement, really.

    Anyhow I am proof that some pc's cannot run Opera Turbo no matter how many bits or ram or space there is. I am absolutely pc fixing ILLITERATE, lol, but I can read a direction as long it's a one liner or so. Anything else may as well be filed under WTH.

    I'd like to thank whomever helped me here & there & remind others like me, leave well enough alone!

    (PC is an hp p7-1226s; 6.00GB/2.40 ghz, 64 bit-operating sys; 2 yrs old)

    Have a great fall~

    Vermont is a state too!

  • Have a great fall~

    Only if one doesn't look carefully where they are going.

  • In my case (11.**), the setting behaves at its own will: I've been used to swithing it to 'automatic', but it's always switching itself somewhere else - so I see flash content one times activated, other times to click to make them (Blackbird was saying it's related to this "Turbo-Schmurbo" thing).
    @gram2six. What are the parameters of your connection? If it's fast enough, I can only see the point of enabling 'Turbo' if one needs going through the proxy sometimes.