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RIP Stash, and long live bookmarks!

  • Just a heads up that the latest Developer version of Opera (25) has the option to remove Stash and have a proper bookmarks system instead!
    All still highly experimental of course, and could be reverted, but music to the ears of some I'm sure!

  • I'd appreciate both of them side by side since they IMHO serve slightly different purposes.
    There's no need to kill Stash for bookmarks.

  • I would agree, but at the moment it's one or the other.

  • I would agree, but at the moment it's one or the other.

    Until someone makes an extension for stash. 😃

  • I would agree, but at the moment it's one or the other.
    I know. I already pointed that out last week internally, but nobody seemed to care.

  • I don't get it. Stash is different from bookmarks. Right now, I can get Stash and Bookmarks. Yes, I add a few extensions that refine and make better the bookmarks, but with them, the bookmarks are fine. Why the choice? Right now, we have both. So I'm agreeing with you, @cristoph143, about having them both side by side. Now @davehawley, when you say a "proper bookmarks system," I assume that means the native browser will do better with bookmarks, and I have no problem with that. It would be good.

  • The new bookmarks manager looks fantastic, very elegant indeed, as you would expect from Opera!
    I hope it won't come down in the end to having to choose between having that and having Stash, I can't see any obvious reason why you can't have both.
    I certainly hope they don't finally abandon Stash completely, as it is one of the things that makes Opera unique.
    Of course if it stays as it is into the release versions, you can probably still carry on doing exactly what you do now anyway if you want to. It's all still highly experimental, so things could change radically again long before that of course!

  • Looks good. How to import bookmarks from Opera 12? I haven't figured that out yet...

  • So, it only took a year and 10 versions to finally create a proper bookmarks system (presumably anyway, I'm not willing to test it myself, as I'm still happy with Opera 12.x). Very expedient.

  • I can't wait until 25 hits! Will these bookmarks sync between the mini browser on iOS devices as well?

  • Now if they add presto style tab preview and rss reader this browser would look like real Opera.

  • They serve different purposes IMO.

    Is there an option to import the bookmarks in Stash to the proper bookmark system?

  • Stash automatically becomes part of your bookmarks without you importing anything.

  • how to enable it?
    It should be in opera://flags/#bookmarks

  • ok i did take a look .Super big Icon like an infinite speed dial , but you can select "list view" and it's a bit better , though obviously need still a lot to do .
    Not the ball right now but i hope is promising ,

    -it takes all the screen ( that'the worst issue for workflow as for now )
    and have to open a new page .you cant open in a separated panel seeing still the page you are on.

    • no subfolders addable (it looks) ,
      but actually the "imported" bookmarks from previous opera (12) have the subfolders actually

    • no custom info addable .

    It's something at least!!
    , so i hope they will get better and usable in "real time" while browsing the contents
    (otherwise you have to open a new page every time just to look for your categorised bookmarks) .

  • you cant open in a separated panel seeing still the page you are on
    Opera -> Bookmarks

  • A question on this: I can't seem to find an "import from opera 12" button...?

  • thanks Cristoph for pointing the opera bookmark .
    not custom notes , not subfolders on tree and not a FIXED sidepanel ,
    but i stand corrected about the "page you are on".the direction is so close , that i hope they'll bring back the fixed sidepanel , crossing fingers

    wangmuler , to do it select the folder of the "launcher.exe" ( do NOT open it or explore it , just select it )
    then start a prompt FROM the launcher directory ( right click "COMMAND promt here " and type:

    launcher.exe --presto-small-prefs-dir="YOUR-12.16._opera-BOOKMARK-PASS-Wand.dat-Directory"

    ( off course i mean that :YOUR-12.16._opera-BOOKMARK-PASS-Wand.dat-Directory is your old profile directory where those files are present , like wand.dat, bookmarks.adr and so on)

  • This was very interesting and good news.
    I immediately d/l the developer build and installed it. Must say that I was pleasantly surprised.
    It is a very good step in the right direction. Could even be so that I go back to this as my default browser now.
    Hope it will be developed further, and as some has said, that Stash and Bookmarks can coexist.

  • you cant open in a separated panel seeing still the page you are on
    Opera -> Bookmarks

    Have you ever used Opera 12?