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  • experiencing an ever increasing "beta" feeling with opera mini. the most reocurring problem no one can make heads or tails out of is: when iam on a forum, and submit a reply or question, the page usually takes a while to load. when it does load either the text in title of post dissapears or the main text in reply box is gone, and from that i would need to repost it again. and because of this, i cant trust my posting, id have to cut/copy my texts in case it is erased and copy from clipboard. this doesnt happen on all forums. but mostly on the zathyus network- (zetaboards and invisionfree) seriously beleive devs need to make opera mini more stable. usually updates dont always improve the particular program. some work out fine, while others get messed up and ultamitely would have to discard updates

  • The answer is: that you do not want opera mini to go fwd, you want it to go backwards. Indisputable fact: opera mini used to (yrs ago) work very well & have many happy customers & be the best mobile browser around...but somewhere along the line (I'd say around 6.0 or 6.1 - Java & then into droid) they got caught in the same of trap of getting the "don't fix it if it ain't broke" syndrome, backwards & instead of upgrading & expanding the capabilities & stabilizes, it slowly BUT SURELY began to implode. Don't worry, most likely it will put itself out of its misery before too long, since there are now other very good working mobile browsers, esp for android. Oh & it doesn't matter if we're talking about the browser or the forum, even the help can't figure out the difference, especially since they look at the complaints & so called solutions via, lol, desktop browsers, lol...

  • thx for your reply. opera mini is my only viable option atm. ive tried every browser app on the android market. . iam stuck with my problems until a better, user friendly browser is created.

  • Have you tried Opera Mobile Classic ?.

  • Mp71730...

    I have the exact same text problem, esp here in this forum. I learned to do just like you said & be in habit now to copy so I can repaste if need be, which is often. I am sure I have seen others report same thing. I believe this issue can also be affected by the amount of memory left on the device your using. For ex, I use what is supposed to be the best touch keyboard in the world bar none (SwiftKey) & it indeed used to work phenomenally well & many folks characterize it as too good, spooky good... but ever since I got to the point where I'm cutting it too close on memory, on an ongoing basis, even with memory manage app, now the more I use the keyboard the worse & worse it's performance to the point if close to unusable as bad as it gets & have to stop & get memory usage down. And it also has shown to make the problem you described as much worse also.

    What is wrong w/native browser & have you tried current version of UC browser? Hard for me to find too much wrong w/it. And I don't know your phone or mini version but I assume you use it for the compression? The compression on UC is same or better, around 90% and that's default & not UC mini.

  • Oh & I 4got2 mention... When you try to post & the text disappears, try waiting for the refresh icon at the bottom to reset & then refresh & then maybe the text will appear & sometimes you have to do it twice. Hey whadya want?, om isn't even a "browser", it's just an obml reader. It "wasn't broke", so "they fixed it"! Lol

  • Some twicks on server side as javascript injections may glitching the board and many other aspects in page rendering. In this regard mini8 have a downside especially for non-cached interstitial links which I suppose is intended to work in such a manner. Link example: - is not clear why seconds count +2 and page script is prolonged more than usual on j2me platform.

  • Posting and reposting on long run may have something to do also with timeout issue. Here the Forums keeps telling me that I'm a true spirit and that's why a 'body is required'.

  • cheers for replies mates. right now im using an app that supposedly compresses pages,eliminating render blocking JS and minifying CSS, JS ,HTML. does it work? not sure. it could be a placebo-(temporary fix) but im willing to try anything at this point