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  • When watching Disney+, about every hour, or so, I get this message. I click the restart button and the movie starts over. I've turned off the battery saver and all add-ons. My pagefile is 2.5GB. I run latest version of Windows 10 Pro on a 16GB Thinkpad X1 with 1TB SSD.

    It is really annoying because I have ample memory and hardware resources.

  • You are using the 64-bit version of Opera, right?

    Do you get the issue if you disable opera://flags/#disable-accelerated-video-decode or mess with chrome://flags/#use-angle or turn off hardware acceleration at opera://settings/system?

    Have you messed with any flags on opera://flags?

    Do what's *Opera's* task manager (shift + esc) say? Is it the GPU process using up all the RAM?

    Does htis happen with other Chromium-based browsers like Edge, Brave, Vivaldi, Chrome, and Chromium?

  • @burnout426 It is 64bit Opera. I have disabled accelerated video and turned off hardware acceleration. I'm not an Opera support person so have no idea what flags do. I noticed that Opera (specifically the Disney+ tab) just keeps growing in memory usage until it aborts. I don't recall the GPU process doing anything unusual.

    I tried Chrome and it doesn't seem to have this problem, in that the Disney+ tab's memory usage doesn't just keep growing and growing.

  • @billh said in Out of Memory:

    I don't recall the GPU process doing anything unusual.

    When you hit shift + esc though, is it the GPU process that's using all the RAM? Or, is it just Opera's main process?

    I tried Chrome

    Can you try in Vivaldi and Brave? Chrome has proprietary codec support built in while Opera and Vivalid for example use the the Windows Media Foundation.

  • @burnout426 It is just the Disney+ tab in Opera that's using the memory. I downloaded and installed Vivaldi as a standalone. The GPU Process stablizes at a higher level on Vivaldi than on Opera but it doesn't seem to be getting too high (100-150MB-Opera vs 400-450MB-Vivaldi). The Disney+ tab on Opera crashes at about 3GB (a little over an hour) but Vivaldi keeps running at 6GB with the GPU memory footprint at 550MB (I finally shut it down after three hours).

    Windows 10 is not good. 😞

  • Hmm, not sure except to test Opera Developer and Opera Beta from to see how they behave.

  • @burnout426 Thanks for the ideas. I guess it's just another of those "use a different browser for a different purpose" things. 😞

    I started using Opera for video streaming because Firefox didn't work with some streaming sites (e.g. Sling TV). But it looks like I again have to do something different because of Disney+.

    Today's technology is getting worse and worse because the bigger these entertainment and technology companies get the more they insist we use their standards, which usually breaks a bunch of things we've been using for years. Sigh...