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Sidebar panel , mannerful Req and thanks

  • I should thank lem (other topics) for giving links to some extensions.
    Though ,
    in the most respectful way ,
    for many USERS the sidebar is a LIFE of bookmarks categorised
    (and for me ) with notes on "PROPERTIES" and edited names and a lot of stuff
    (ie = number of cards to check funds , ancient solutions for window troubles ,shops for every category , reminder of the PASSWORDS /user if the page changed and opera cant see the login properly ... and so on)-

    I cannot possibly see why NOT to implement again , or at least to find an extension that would show them
    on side with properties .
    I tried thm all and its not ( "bookmark side panel" does NOT work at all , grey )

    Its not a runt , its an hope ,
    because opera 12 is almost unusable , slow and becoming really uncompatible , i'm meeting more of it every day sadly

  • Firefox's bookmark manager allows adding descriptions and tags and editing names and everything else. It isnt docked at the side though, maybe there is an addon for that.

  • thank you for the advice.I did not find but still searching.
    of course i would have to write "notes" them all again from scratch and cant do it for past stuff
    ( i imported them though)

    Plus i use actually firefox for different tasks, the "not redundant" search ..and work-logins-accounts ,
    whereas i'm using opera for personal stuff (personal accounts ,etc , but that's me ) .-

    I just express my wish for opera supporting again that feature wich was the core ( be a working extension or whatever).

    I did succesfully transferred bookmarks and part of passwords with a PITA process but extensions around are not good ,cant even find the terms i'm looking for searching .. chrome ones included ( no need to comment , there are plenty about that topic).

    Hope they will get it again.
    Opera 12 is a dead end for many webpages sadly (social /yahoo mail etc , half of the time it hangs )
    or i would continue to use it , even older versions.