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Latest update screwed up adblocker.

  • Opera has been 'helpful' again, not only have they persisted as with every update to ram Facebook down my throat, but they have integrated my adblocker and screwed it up.

    Ok, first thing. If I wanted Facebook I would have got Facebook. You don't need to give me links in my speed dial, you don't need to force products onto my speed dial and you certainly don't need to sideline the links I want to highlight them.
    Enough already. Stop the intrusive file extension crap now. Thankfully I can at least turn it off, but every update more spam.

    Anyways on to the main issue. I used AdBlock Plus which seamlessly removed advertising on YouTube and presumably many other platforms. It work, it worked well and had zero issues.
    Then along came Opera latest 'helpful' update. My system still says AdBlock Plus is installed, I cant get to reinstall it, the icon is missing from the top toolbar in Opera and adblocking no longer works. I still skip ads, but get timers and notifications. This was 100% due to the new Opera update. Now there is an adblocker integral to Opera, which is entirely inferior but doesn't allow me to use the software that I want, and works.

    Has Opera integrated a copy of AdBlock Plus (because it says its installed) and fumbled the settings?
    If I delete my Opera adblocker feature can I restore a functional one?
    Anyone know how to reinstall Adblock Plus while it says its installed on system?

    Opera, was working, now its not.