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Login in on Tumblr no longer works

  • i can't find the single column option on my opera mini setting. i'm using opera mini 7.6 for android. please help, thank you.

    It's on settings. Between Font size and Line Break.

  • it's weird that i'm the only one who don't find it. in setting there's also no Line Break option. after the Font Size is Text Wrapping then Status Bar.

  • Instead of "Line Break" please read "Text Wrapping". Bad translation, sorry.

    Here the option to show pages in one column is just above this one.


  • It worked! Thanks thewickellama!! 😃

  • yeah!! thanks

  • Up.

    This is happening to me right now tried WICKEDLLAMA'S suggestion but it's not working.

    What happened was all the accounts that were open during suddenly all logged out. Then I have been able to login each except for Tumblr. I't working on Chrome but not here on Opera Mini. I also use tumblr more than any social media and the internet connection is also really slow so I can't rely on Chrome to properly use tumblr since its heavy on data. Using my phone with Opera Mini that doesn't take up to much resources really was my hope in using Tumblr. If anyone knows anything that might help I'd be really thankful.

  • Thewick's work around worked but after rebooting my blackberry 9160 this doesn't work for me. Anyone else know how to fix the tumblr login problem?

  • Thewick's work around worked but after rebooting my blackberry 9160 this doesn't work for me. Anyone else know how to fix the tumblr login problem?

    It didn't work with me at all. The boxes were "email""email""password""username". I think the password there is for when you're registering an account cause no matter how I try to fill up the boxes it wouldn't login at all. It's all the same when I click submit, login or register. Also tried the beta version since it was already version 119
    I was hoping that maybe it was fixed there but it's still the same. I only use Opera for tumblr (and sometimes the news on the homepage if I happen to see something important) since other mini browsers can't be used with tumblr. I've currently uninstalled Opera cause I am trying to see if there are some other not so heavy on resources browsers that I could use for it. Until this issue with Tumblr is fixed I guess I won't be installing it.

  • Tumblr should be working fine now - can you confirm? 🙂

  • It is not working right now! Please fix this!!

  • ok so i'm using the operamini beta version (because i like it better than the plain operamini one)

    since i've got nothing better to do all day; with the extreme mode data savings on, the text wrap and single column view off, i've managed to log in on tumblr

    no special tricks, i just kept clicking and clicking that darn log in button, re-typing my password or e-mail when necessary, and just clicked and clicked no matter how many times it refreshed on me

    after like, the 60th time doing this the browser pretty much just gave up on me and went, "okay, jesus, you know what? whatever. you win, go browse your tumblr with data savings on i don't care."

    out of pure curiosity i tried it on the regular opera mini browser too and it worked just fine after 40+ struggles

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