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Login in on Tumblr no longer works

  • Its no longer possible to login on tumblr, it just returns to the login screen.

    tested on opera mini 7.5 for android and java on various devices (htc wildfire, generic java phone and android ereader)

  • Delete and retype your password.

  • still nothing, it doesnt say "invalid username/password". it just goes back to the login screen as if nothing happened

  • Hi, I have the same problem.
    I use Opera Mini 8.0 in BlackBerry 9105

    Actually "Login" button doesn't work either in stock browser and I can enter the site only by pressing "enter" button on the phone keyboard. But this trick don't work in Opera mini.

  • Ive had the same problem on both opera mini 4.1 and the current version i use which is 4.5.

    I know my login is correct because i have no issues which using desktop tumblr.

  • bump

    this is still an issue

  • I had this issue with my old phone (a java phone) and still have it with my current one(a blackberry curve). I've done every trick I've seen online and nothing... I uninstalled and re-installed opera, updated it (Version 8.0.35659) and a zillion other things people had done before and I still can't get in. Definitely is an Opera mini issue, because I can log in with the other browser on my phone. The thing is I like using opera in my phone, please tell me how to fix this

  • That login page is for iPhone devices. If that's currently an issue with Opera Mini j2me then it was so from ages. I think that html5 input is used for login forms.

  • Some months before everything worked perfectly.

  • It's still an issue. Will it be fixed? I only use opera for tumblr, do I have to find an alternative?

  • its an issue on java and android devices

  • I was too at my wit's end with this problem - Tumblr is my most used social network and the tumblr app is not only useless but consumes far too much data for my plan as opposed to Opera Mini. But I found a fix!

    Go into the settings of Opera Mini and toggle Single Column view to "on". The Tumblr homepage will look outdated and frankly horrific next compared to how it appears when single column view is disabled, but after login you can change back and all will be fine. Then, enter your email and password in the two top boxes and click "submit" rather than "log in". A captcha test may appear, but that's irrelevant, don't bother with answering it. After "submit" is clicked, you should be taken to a very outdated looking version of your dashboard, and then you can toggle off single column view in settings and the page should automatically refresh to normal view.

    Tumblr on Opera Mini isn't perfect and the reblog button is far from trustworthy, but it's better than not being able to log in at all.

    My instructions of what to do may be a little off concerning what to do when the login screen is reached because I haven't logged out of Tumblr to go back in again (just in case it was a one off and it'll never work again) but I hope this helps.

  • Worked perfectly for me!! Thank you thewickedllama!! you became my favorite person of the world!


  • awsome workaround to this issue, thanks thewickedllama!

  • You're all welcome! I'm glad you can now use Tumblr on mobile without having to worry about huge chunks of your data disappearing, haha. 🙂

  • i can't find the single column option on my opera mini setting. i'm using opera mini 7.6 for android. please help, thank you.

  • i can't find the single column option on my opera mini setting. i'm using opera mini 7.6 for android. please help, thank you.

    It's on settings. Between Font size and Line Break.

  • it's weird that i'm the only one who don't find it. in setting there's also no Line Break option. after the Font Size is Text Wrapping then Status Bar.

  • Instead of "Line Break" please read "Text Wrapping". Bad translation, sorry.

    Here the option to show pages in one column is just above this one.