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OperaGX Non-Stop Random Crashing; Crashing on start-up repeatedly

  • This problem is incredibly annoying.
    It has gotten worse over time, to the point where I have to deal with it crashing randomly like 20 times a day, and then whenever I try to reopen it (any time after it crashes over seemingly nothing), it will flash open and then close immediately about 5-20 times until it works again from a range of around 10 minutes to an hour.
    Sometimes it works fine, and sometimes it just crashes randomly every 10 minutes all day. It has even crashed once while I am writing this.

    Here is an example scenario:
    I turn on my Windows PC and load up Opera. (The flashy "OperaGX" startup screen will never ever appear, despite me having it turned on, unless I have gotten a new update. That is the only time it appears. Is that normal? It probably isn't related...)
    The program will open for a brief half a second, flashing a white window on my screen, before disappearing. its not open at all anymore. not in system tray or as a service. I will try and run it again, and the same thing will happen. Over, and over, and over, around 5 to 20, even 30 times. Then it will finally open. By this point though, I have gotten impatient, and started spam clicking the icon. Suddenly, a few dozen separate windows of Opera flood the screen. By now it has been 5 minutes. I close all the windows, and finally I can use the browser.
    I open YouTube and turn on a podcast. I put it in the background and start messaging people on Discord, and then about 2 minutes into the song, I hear silence. I check on the browser, and it has crashed. Over seemingly Nothing.
    I then try and re-open it, and it will do the instant-repeated-crashing thing for another 3 minutes, load up again, and then instantly crash when i think I get to use it again.
    Some times it will stay open for over an hour, and then crash again for no reason. It's not just on YouTube either, it is on any website, even this one right here. Repeat this cycle again and again. All. Day.

    I have tried completely wiping the install and it still continues to do it. I've done all the troubleshooting (Disable Ad-block, turn off RAM/CPU limiter, etc. etc.) except for a Factory PC Reset, because I think that that is incredibly unnecessary. I am on a mid-range Windows 10 computer, and it is fine. I have never had this problem with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Brave Browser, or even Microsoft Edge. (Although this is my first time using any form of Opera, so I don;t know if it happens on classic Opera.) I would rather not reset my entire PC for one application bugging that isn't my fault.

    I would love some help on this issue, because I want to keep using this browser. None of my friends have this issue with the browser, so it must be uncommon, but I did see like 3 people on this forum that had s similar issue, I love this browser, it's my favorite in almost every way, But I'm really tempted to stop using it because of this serious problem. I already stopped using it at one point to try out Brave Browser, but I didn't like it, and came back. Yet this problem persisted.

    I also wish there was a Live Opera Tech Support I could talk to, but this forum is the best way i can get my voice to them.
    Please help me, this has been happening for a few months now, and I'm getting really tired of this happening.....

    (Sorry for the re-post, it wouldn't let me edit anymore. Because my browser crashed and my session was concluded.)
    (Sorry again for the second re-post. I still can't edit posts from past sessions for some reason, and I had my last one censored cause I missed the no caps rule. I have edited this one to convey what I meant better. I hope this is good to go now, I really wanna get this problem solved...)

  • @zaxolotl I haven't experienced any crashes on launch (yet) but my Opera session kills itself irregularly as well. Sometimes every 5 min, sometimes once in 30 min, but it just crashes at some point. It used to kill the app completely all the time, recently sometimes it just crashes all of my open tabs, but gives me the option to refresh them one by one and salvage as much as I can from my browsing session. We urgently need an update on this and also an update on the GX browser itself.

  • @Unbeknownst Whenever mine crashes when it starts, it completely erases any tabs that were supposed to open on start-up, so I have just started saving my tabs as Speed-Dial folders every time I have more then like... 2 open at once, since it's a pain to fish them all out of my history.

  • Yeah, for the last 2 weeks Opera crashed and killed all my tabs every 5-10 min and started fresh with a blank page. Now the crashes sometimes don't kill Opera but all the tabs individually and I have to refresh them each, but also sometimes kill Opera like before.