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Need Code to Ignore 'FIt to Width' in Stylish

  • I got Opera 12.16. I have my settings for webpages set to 'Fit to Width'. But there are certain webpages that I need to turn this feature off on. I got Stylish installed. What code can I use in a style for a specific webpage to ignore 'Fit to Width'?

  • I don't know if it's revealed anywhere what Opera does exactly for fit-to-width. So, not sure how to counteract it (if that'd be possible).

    You create site preferences to have domain-specific settings. But, "fit-to-width" isn't in site preferences. Even if you add it to override.ini under the domain in question by adding User Prefs|Rendering mode=-1, it still doesn't work.

    Finding an extension or user js or user css that does its own fit-to-width, but only for the sites you want (or globally with an option to exclude sites) might be your only option. Don't know of any though.

  • Hi, burnout.. Excuse the long wait in replhying to you. I'm currently on a couple of CSS code forums trying to get help with this issue. I'm having difficulty framing my question in the forum in a way they can understand. Is it best to say that I ned a code to "unwrap the word wrap"? Can you please help me say it in a manner thats understandable?

    Also, is there a CSS code in Opera that governs 'fit to width'?

    As always, thank you!!

  • is there a CSS code in Opera that governs 'fit to width'?

    I assume so. But, I think it's internal. I don't know the CSS that's used.

    Without knowing the CSS used, I would say you'd need two things

    • A reset stylesheet (you can find them on the net).

    • A way to reapply all the pages's CSS. I'd guess you'd have to use scripting for this. But, even then I'm not sure how you'd reapply all the inline styles.

    Then again, I'm not sure exactly at what point Opera applies the CSS for fit-to-width. Might be after everything else on the page (even user css / extensions). Don't know.

  • Hi burnout.. So, just to make sure, 'fit to width' means word wrap?

  • Hi burnout.. So, just to make sure, 'fit to width' means word wrap?

    Pretty much. But, as far as HTML pages, it'd probably be more accurate to call it "force word wrap" as text still wraps some without out.

    You can try:

    * {
        word-wrap: initial


    * {
        word-wrap: inherit


    * {
        word-wrap: normal

    to see what that does to counteract fit-to-width.

    It might also mean to force elements to have a display property of "inline" or "inline-block" (depending on the element)

    You could try 'initial' or "inherit" for the 'display' property if necessary to see how that helps.

  • Hi burnout.. Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately, I entered those codes in the style I'm using. And they dont work. Btw, if you need to know, the style I'm using is:

    Let me know if you have any other suggestions. Thank you for all your help so far.