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Opera Next 24 tends to crash

  • After the most recent update a few days ago, I noticed that Opera Next 24.0.1558.25 on my Windows 8.1 test PC tends to crash and re-start when loading some web pages.

    Opera Stable and Opera Developer do not have this problem.

    Has anyone else noticed instability when using Opera Next 24?


  • Any pages in particular ?.

  • There is not particular page that will always trigger a crash.
    However, I noticed Opera Next 24 tends crash when I load a bunch of pages in background tabs in quick succession.

    For example, when browsing a new web site if I see three or four interesting articles I would normally middle-click their links in quick succession to load them in background tabs. When doing this type of operations in Opera Next 24, there is a 30% to 70% chance of browser crashing depending on the web site. Oh, one site that comes to mind is Steam's store web site.

  • I have the same problem, this happens regularly with pages with flash player connector version

  • Opera Next 24 would still crash often even if I have all plugins (including Flash) disabled by default.

    I have "opera://plugins/" bookmarked on the bookmark bar so i can disable or enable plugins quickly.
    Normally I have all plugins disabled by default.

  • I also noticed the latest Opera Developer 25 also tends to crash just like Opera Next 24.
    I hope whatever is making these beta browsers crashing will be fixed before they are released as Opera Stable..

    Do Opera developers read message in this forum?
    I have feeling out complaints are going nowhere...

  • I gotta say I feel the latest version of Opera Next 24 is behaving very weird. It feels slower now, and the animated sliding moves (for instance, opening a folder in the Speed Dial) aren't soft anymore, as if I didn't have a powerful PC (and I do).

    I hope Opera developers read this forum so they become aware of the problems before they launch it as a stable release.

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