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[Suggestion] General suggestions for Twitch sidebar

  • Hello, i have a few suggestions about Twitch sidebar in OperaGx.

    1- In the "list" mode, i think is better if remove the title of the stream, and use this site to put the number of viewers and the game streamed.

    2- We need an option to order the streams, order them in terms of the number of viewers, name and also an option so that the channels to which you are subscribed appear at the top of the list.

    3- An option to remove your channel info, i'm not a streamer so i dont need to see my twitch name or how much followers i have, maybe a small rectangle with the name of your channel, to know what account you have logged in.

    I don't know if anyone going to read this suggestions but this suggestions isn't crazy and can be really good to improve the twitch sidebar i think.

  • Creating a new topic for user @Feson21, I have something to add along to his sidebar suggestions.

    For starters, I'll list his three suggestions first.
    #1: Instead of showing the name for the stream, display the game played and the amount of viewers.
    #2: Give us the ability to order streams. Whether that be by amount of viewers, current game being played, and streams you're subscribed to appearing at the top.
    #3: Removing the follower details and making our channel name and profile picture smaller.

    Now, for my suggestion:
    #4: Adding "Last Live" and stream time information.
    For example, if I just woke up, I'd like to see when the last stream from, say, Jake, was. That way, I'd know if I missed a stream, or he just hasn't streamed that day. The same thing goes if I wake up and see, say, Jordan, streaming. If he's streamed for 8 hours already, what's the point of watching now? He might end his stream soon, plus all of the jokes and everything that previously happened would go over my head.

    Thank you for taking the time to read my suggestions. And thank you to @Feson21 for giving me the courage to post this. I wasn't going to, but their post didn't get any attention (only 3 viewers) and I decided to bring it back.