Opera Next 24

  • Hi guys,

    im using Opera Next version 24, Windows 8.1, so, i updated my browser (actually it does automatically) today and now there is something that bothers me, before last update everything worked just fine and i loved it, but now when i start opera it opens new tab with my favorite sites, and when i open new tab there is blank page, and when i open another one (3rd, 4th...) there is just blank page and it says "loading...."

    Before this update there was no such a thing, when i clicked new tab there was my favorite pages every time no matter how many tabs i had opened, now browser is kinda laggy, sometimes when i open settings i cant do anything because opers becomes frozen, is there anything i can do to fix this because before this update i really enjoyed using it now its so much laggy and that new tab really annoys me, opera aint usable to me anymore :(.

  • Same issue here on 2 different computers!

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