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  • Hm, why quote me here?
    Yes it's true, but it'll import the data from 12 (which means it's just a non-destructive copy).

  • Hm... Interesting. One way traffic?
    Say, what if it'll be 11?

  • What traffic would possibly go the other way?

    I guess the same thing happens for 11, 10, maybe 9. I believe Opera's profile data files structure didn't change since a long time (many versions).

  • Thanks for the hint. I could consider a try...

  • keeping the Firefox at hand (it's not actually a very used browser for me now - for it's OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLD thus stays a "housekeeping" instrument:).

    You use its large furry tail as a feather duster ?.

    No, I use its fire as a stove lighter.

  • Dave:
    I'm on Opera 12.17 too BTW.

    What's with that 17?

    Is it that it's the latest sun of a shine?

  • I'm looking for an alternative to Google Chrome, but you know what?
    I'd like the browser be liter, and lighter: desirably both at install and towards the CPU... :whistle: BUT!
    At the same time it must handle heavily loaded sites/pages with a sufficient ease. And if you remember Chrome, the pane should be spacious enough - not obstructed with various bars :rolleyes:

  • Why Chrome is the most used browser?

    I'm just about to uninstall it.

  • I have IE because Windows comes with that. Firefox. Chrome, which right now is the main browser here. Pale Moon, which is part of the Firefox gang.

    Strange, no Opera. Funny thing that, since I used to have Opera as the main browser. I'm only on this forum at all by "special invitation" (thank Josh for that) otherwise-- my interests lie elsewhere these days.

  • @sidneyneto:
    Why don't you use Firefox 33?

    First, because I already have 2 and a half installations of Ff (3 folders, 2 versions installed), and second, when I just installed this 4.0, it appeared that 1) I didn't like the new layout and reduced customisation,
    2) it didn't (doesn't) handle my Yandex-bar (where there was/is weather, currency rates, and a mail:psst:).

  • ...reduced customisation...

    Are you joking, right? Firefox 33 has many customizations too.

  • Maybe I will some day. Not for now*:)*

  • Not going to start another "Firefox" topic, I'll just ask you a question.

    Well, I updated my 3.6 and 4.0 to 8.0 and 12 respectively.
    Everything went, well, better.
    No more black screens on updating plug-ins... Till now...

    I got my ShockWave red, hit the button, and got this. Tried hitting the cross, Esc - no avail, at all. "Manage acc" - don't remember exactly, some BS; "sign out" led me to a page to log in (:WTF:).
    Do you think my Foxes can't render the page? Or is it something weird with the Adobe site? Both?
    If former - can I try updating the plugin via another browser (I saved the link)? Only I do not want any trouble nor mess caused to that other browser, please!

    Here's the printscreen: no-more-plugins-Ff.
    Yes, the picture's the same with both Foxes.

  • Maybe you should use the lastest version.

  • Maybe I should, Sidney, but there's this thing: for my Russian installation (3.6) I got a 8.0 I'd already had downloaded, while for my British one (4.0) I hit the update button in the browser - presuming "update to the latest version", right? And it updated. I didn't know it was only 12.0 - till I checked it.
    So, that's it.
    What about my question?

  • Can you pass me the link you tried to open? please

  • Can you pass me the link you tried to open? please

    No problem,
    (must be it).

  • No more black screens on updating plug-ins... Till now...
    I got my ShockWave red,

    O'k, I'll tell you something.
    Yesterday I was forced to reboot the workstation. Upon the previous reboot (after "lights on") I had another Adobe Reader window/notification to update - I hit "later". Now I had it and didn't - installed.
    Guess what? 8.0 started - no more "outdated plugin" notifications.
    It's only happened once since "I agreed" this time - one time started the Fox and no shit - so it's not certain, but still...

    However, that weirdo about the Adobe site disallowing me from using it, requiring some outrageous logging in stays as a question. If anybody else encountered that, or this repeats, it might deserve a topic of its own - about Adobe BS. 😕

  • Google Chrome started sucking recently - bugs on Facebook, other issues.
    I kinda like its interface and all, but, having recently updated my Mozilla herd with some recent version(s), I've found I could use my Firefox now for most purposes: smooth loading, Facebook doesn't seem to glitch there, etc.🙂

  • I'm a browser collector, now it's time to check Opera.

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