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  • Whenever I log in to my opera account on Android, it instantly logs me out. I have logged for like a hundred times in one session. I can't sync my bookmarks or speed dial.

    I have tried using VPN, a new account, clearing data, clearing cache. Nothing seemed to work

    My phone is Huawei Mate 10 (ALP-L29)
    Opera for Android v 59.1.2926.54067

  • @husein1993 Please share a screenshot of signed in page. you may go to Menu --> seetings. When you are logged out, does it show any error?

  • It is forever stuck here. I one left it for over an hour.

  • @neetesha it doesn't show any error. When I exit this page (in the screenshot), it is just as if I didn't log in. It keeps directing me to log in page.
    I can log in on Opera for Windows though.

  • @husein1993 OK. Can you try following steps. This may solve the issue

    1. Go to in Opera browser.
    2. Click on top right icon in address bar.
    3. Click on site settings.
    4. Click on "clear data" button on redirected page.
    5. Now go to settings --> sign in to account.

    I hope this will let you out of the issue

    Opera Team

  • @neetesha I think you mean go to the top left icon in the address bar
    Unfortunately, this hasn't fixed the issue. it's stuck at the same screen.

  • @husein1993 Yes, i meant top left icon. Its strange that you have stuck in this stage. Could you please share your username with which you are trying to sign in?
    Meanwhile please try following steps to see if they are helping

    1. Go to in Opera for windows
    2. Login to your account using same username and password
    3. you will find an option to "reset passphrase" there
    4. When you reset passphrase, you won't loose any data from device.
    5. Once you reset passphrase, try logging in to your device.
  • @neetesha
    I am afraid resetting passphrase didn't work either. It just cleared all the old synced bookmarks.

    my username is hesen93

    Thank you for your patience.

  • @neetesha You still there?...

  • @husein1993 We are running out of any clue why your account is in such state. we can not see the problem here so it is difficult to understand whats getting wrong. We can try understanding more on it if you share a video of issue as well as all suggested steps from this discussion.

  • @neetesha It doesn't seem I can upload a video directly to this discussion. So, I uploaded the video to my Google Drive folder and you can view it there.
    Opera sync. issue - hesen93

  • @neetesha

    1. I navigated to to reset my passphrase. I did that just a minute before recording the video. So, the option was no longer there when I tried to do it again

    2. Then I visited and cleared site data

    3. I tried logging in from settings and it kept showing me the signing in message no matter how long I wait (I recorded part of that so you get better understanding of the issue)

    Thank you

  • @husein1993 Thanks for the recording. Strange that you are not able to come out of this issue. Btw i have found couple of deviation from steps i have mentioned before. We can give it another try but i am not sure if that will make situation different.

    1. When you vitis for resetting passphrase, you should use opera for windows not opera on mobile.
    2. When you visit for clearing site data, you do not need to sign into account, you just load page and clear site data.

    If possible do this step if the problem still exist after above steps.
    3. Can you also go to setting --> clear browsing data and uncheck all item and check "Cookies and site data". This will clear up all the cookies and site data.

    Hoping to hear a positive news from you 🙏🏻
    Opera Team

  • @neetesha
    I have followed the instructions to the letter and I'm afraid that didn't work either.
    I guess I will just have to either copy my bookmarks manually or work up the courage to let go of them.
    Anyway, thank you for bearing with me for so long.

  • I have the same issue.

  • Me too ... i am using Huawei Nova 7.

    Are you depending on google so it cannot work?

    I have tried to login a thousand times for the last few weeks.


  • Me too ... i am using Huawei Nova 7.

    Are you depending on google so it cannot work?

    I have tried to login a thousand times for the last few weeks.


  • Please share your sync account username in order to investigate it further.

  • I have the same issue, and i'm also on a Huawei device.

    The qr-code never gets recognised.

    It seems that are two possible login screens when you select sync by other options --> sign in. Most often it takes me to the homepage but then i get a very quick message saying the servers are down at the moment from the device.

    Seldom does it takes me to a login screen on the device/app. that login-screen has the same theme as to whatever it is set, in my case Darkmode-Orange.

    Every time i log in i get a mail and i hear a Ding on my phone, desktop and tablet.

    One time i got prompted to login again to sync but after i did that it was like i logged out, 'cause it was back to square one. To try to sync again.

    I've tried to do this for 2-3 times now always with days in between but it don't work. and for me to start using opera on other devices i need my passwords synced.

    Plz dont ask me for screenshots i'll prolly wont provide. /regards F

  • @neetesha

    Can you see my account username from my profile? i am using the same ID to login to this forum.