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  • @tstowshin The post is wordy for detail reasons. But, the gist of it is to create a folder named "lib_extra", download the right file and put it in the lib_extra folder.

    In opera://about, what version of Chromium does it say your Opera is using and what does it say for the "install" path? We can link you do the right file.

  • @burnout426
    mange takk,

    I followed a similar set of instructions, but it did not work.
    I used 52.2 which is for chrom 89, but my chromium is 90 and dist 54 is for chromium 91. It has no linux dist. So I was looking into how to compile the source code.
    Luckily there was an Opera update, this morning that fixed my problem and I now can play videos again.

  • Had this issue yesterday and fixed it by copying the from chromium, but the devs managed to make it worse today somehow and now this solution doesn't fix it. I went from Twitch and Twitter videos not working to everything playing again, back to Twitch and Twitter not playing but also Youtube livestreams not playing

  • Having the same issue...
    No videos on Facebook, but Youtube works fine.
    If Opera is now based on Google Chrome, why does it have new problems that Chrome doesn't have, and why the Devs ignore such major problems?

  • @maximb Opera is not based on Chrome, but both are based on Chromium.

  • @maximb Did you try the solutions?

  • @leocg I read in this topic that the solutions stopped working.
    so I didn't try it.

  • Same problem in Fedora 34, facebook videos does not play

  • @leocg Please, I'm new in this forum, (long user fedora linux and about 4 months using opera). Could you tell me where are the solutions. Videos working just for youtube. Anyewhere else (Canva, Facebook, twitter,...). I'm webdesigner and videomaker, without this opera is unuseless for me. I'm working for months only with Opera. Please, tell me it was not a very big mistake. How can I solve this. The upgrade to fedora 34 was ok, the problem came after this, in a opera browser update. Can you help me, please? Thank you

  • @borealdesign In this topic you can find some, as well as a link to the main topic about the subject, that also contains some solutions.

  • Problem: Video/streaming on websites can't start/don't work with Opera for Linux till now

    Linux: Please help for Opera 76 (for Linux) for streaming and video support like with Chromium 91 Browser (for Linux)

    Easier Streaming, video and flash(switch on/off) support (HTML 5/Flash) like with Chromium Browser 91 (for Linux):

    Please help supporting for Opera for Linux (in further Opera for Linux settings eventually possible to switch on (flash) streaming and video possibilities as option, or as addon ?) like with Chromium 91 (for Linux) with Flash and Streaming possibiltiy for internet streaming and video sites like, and also on dvd trailer sites (links below).

    Many thanks !

    Kind regards


  • @mtompset Thank you

  • I've been using Opera for several years but reluctantly will be moving on to a different browser because of Opera not being able to play many videos due to missing codecs. I keep hearing that it is because of legal reasons which I can't understand. Other browsers such as Firefox, Vivaldi, etc. apparently don't have this legal problem. Why can't this be resolved? Opera is great is all other aspects. 😞

  • @ercouper To be able to play proprietary codecs by itself, Opera needs to have a license that may be very expensive. For that reason, Opera relies on the OS to be able to play media that uses those codecs.
    On Windows and Mac things are more easy, but Linux being more decentralized makes things a little more complicated.

    By the way, Firefox has the license. Don't know about Vivaldi but it seems to be in the same situation as Opera.