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[Request] Incognito Icon in Tabs of Private Browsing Should be Removed

  • This "feature" is reminiscent of Opera 12 where browsing and private browsing tabs could be in the same window, and the glasses-hat icon was used to distinguish between the two. Now though, private browsing has its own window, so there's no need for the icon as it makes browsing annoyingly harder; the icons displayed should be the icon of the website. I don't want to opt out of a browsing app with good potential just because of an icon. I'll still use incognito, I'm a pretty private guy, y'know? At least add the option to switch the icons.

    Also the option to remove the keyboard clicking noises.

  • Hello, I agree with this request. The Incognito Mode with that glasses-hat icon makes harder the navigation between tabs. In contrast with other Chromium browsers, like Google Chrome; they don't have that icon to indicate the Incognito mode.
    On the other hand, the keyboard noises can be deactivated just by doing this:
    Go to Settings>Basic configuration>Browser's sounds>And you should have this: (ignore the language)
    Move the rhombus symbol to the left in the sounds you don't want to hear. That's all.

  • This post is deleted!
  • I'd like to bump this, as this is quite important to me as well. I often have many tabs open in my incognito windows, and not seeing the favicons complicates the navigation unnecessarily.