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I miss vital functions such as "Paste to go" and "Fast Forward" or SPACE move to NEXT page.

  • I have just moved over to MAC since many many year usage of Opera on PC and Linux!

    The two features that always made me choose Opera instead of other browsers are "Paste to go" and "Fast Forward" or just the ability to hit SPACE to move to the next page or link on a page. Will these two features make it back into Opera again? I'm using Opera for MAC version 23.0.

    Some other things that I miss but are more cosetic then features that are uniq to Opera:

    • One such thing is the possibility to change the default alias for search-engines. (Who use Yahoo??? I much rather like to have Youtube on the Y letter 🙂

    • Is there a way to move the TAB bar? Or is it fixed on top?

    • Is there a way to preserve the state of the open pages when I accidentially CLOSE all or main Opera window and not QUIT Opera. It works perfectly fine if I quit opera and start it again, then all pages are restored! But that doesn't happen if I close the window and restart or open a new page. 😞

    I still use Opera, I think it's great and like it much more then Safari, but there are a lot missing from the ones I used on PC and Linux.


  • Hello,

    Which version are you using? The most recent version is Opera 23 based on Chromium/Blink.

    In this version, you can use Paste and Go. If you prefer to use your mouse, right click on the address field and choose "Paste and Go". On the other hand, if you'd rather use a shortcut, you can press ⌘ + Shift ⇧ + V.

    At the moment, it's not possible to edit default search engines, as a protection against 3rd-party applications that could possibly hijack the browser and change the search engines.

    Furthermore, it's not possible to change tabs' location.

    This happens in all Opera Chromium versions (PC, Mac and Linux). The features you miss are only available in Opera 12, which is based on Presto instead of Chromium/Blink. Please understand that this version will only receive security updates, as Opera has now moved to Blink.

    Hope this helps.

    Happy browsing!

  • Thanks for your answer. Yes, I never upgraded beyond version 12 on the PC or the Unix/linux.

    Paste and Go is a bit crippled if you have to click on the address bar and paste the link. It used to work just by pressing the shortcut where ever your focus was placed.

    Also, this paste and go it's just a paste + enter. If you do not mark the old URL in the address bar then the paste will add to the end of the text...

    And Fast Forward is still missed, that feature is one of the best ever in a browser!


  • Ctrl+Shift+V is working normally here. I can have the focus on the page and press it. It leads me to the page I want.

    Of course it won't work if you're focusing a text field, there it naturally works as "Paste without formatting".

  • ctrl+shift+v doesn't do anything.

    cmd+shift+v works if I focus (and mark everything) at the address bar.


  • Sorry, for a moment I thought I was in the Windows forum.

    Please file a bug report explaining the issue here: