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YouTube isn't working properly with ad-blocker on

  • I've had this problem for about two weeks on Opera GX
    I have the adblock activated. A week ago when I was playing a video, there were no ads playing at the beginning, but a blank screen showed and the "Skip" button.
    I restored the settings to their original defaults in the "Reset settings" section of opera.
    and that problem was solved.

    But the problem that has persisted for two weeks is that I cannot advance the video or delay it with the play bar, neither increase or decrease the volume.

    The last option I wanted was to reinstall the browser because all the useful extensions I have and the bookmarks, although I have already made a backup but still it will take much time to reinstall everything. I want to know if there is any other option 😞

    I'm sorry if I wrote something wrong, English isn't my first language.

  • Hello. I haven't see that problem until now. But, just a few questions. Have you tried to advance the video or modify the volume with the keys of the keyboard? (like 1 and 2 number keys or M key). Have you tried to disable the extensions that you might have? Have you tried to prove Youtube with diferent parameters of the GX control?

  • Hello. Today i discovered i have a problem with this browser. Whenever i start a youtube video it starts with and an that makes the screen white my question is does the adblocker work on youtube or no? beacuse before i didnt get any ads but this week i started getting them all the time. Please help. And thank you in advance

  • Opera Instantâ

    Adblock isn't work on youtube, i tried to install the chrome extension and install adblock in opera, but, same error.

  • @Near564 in your Chrome browser and click Get AdBlock Now or get it from the Chrome Web Store.
    Click Add to Chrome, and then click OK to accept the permission adblockrequest

  • @lekiro I think ad blocker doesn't work on YouTube videos. Although on YouTube premium you can watch videos without ads. So, maybe that's the main reason why your ad blocker doesn't work

  • @ug11scmt1030hussaini but i do not use the chrome, i use Opera Gx.

  • This post is deleted!
  • @lekiro YouTube changed something and lots of ad-blockers stopped working.

  • @leocg 😞

  • @Near564 i have the same problem

  • @leocg some extensions like adblock plus are functional on youtube, why don't you take inspiration from its source code and fix the opera extension?

  • @ThiagoJGamer I'm an user, I can't fix anything. Also, an adblocker being functional or not may depend a lot of things, mainly the lists they use.

  • @LizbetJ TBH I installed Opera GX just a few days ago (i tried the beta so I decided to wait for a future release). I'm so happy with all the UIX, features, integrations. Common! I could even import all Firefox data no problem, addons via Google Chrome special addon...etc...All this to say that when I saw the blank screen (for me it is the "normal way to operate" because of my date of installation) I said: OMG! This is incredible! Finally, an AdBlocker that works!!! Firefox ad blocker super sucks and Opera GX is so good that almost every website I go gives me a "please turn off your Adblocker pleaseeee" pop up, which with Firefox never happened (that proofs my point).

    So I feel your pain if you had a different functionality before, but common! The ads are being blocked right? If you press continue you auto skip the annoying ads! Youtube is not happy at all!! XD

  • Well its worse now. The white screen appears instead of ads and if I don't skip it within a few seconds i get playback error. I have to reload the page and skip the ad otherwise error again. Please fix the AdBlock to work on YouTube again. It worked flawlessly before. Now its becoming a pain.

  • I'm having the same issue. Maybe there was an update from Youtube side. What I do is that I turn off Ad Blocker at the beginning of the video and once the video ys playing, I turn it off. Is annoying but is the only workarround for me so far 😞

  • I've got banner ads on youtube now. Really thinking about changing things up. Really like Opera so I hope I don't have to switch browsers.

  • I have the same problem. Then last week it just started playing some ads and now there is not even a skip button.


  • I had the same problem so i restarted my settings. But i sometimes get error message on videos, which disapears after a few seconds. (sorry for my language. Im not so good at english)

  • and i've got white screen Adnotacja 2020-09-03 155630.png