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  • I’m running windows 10 x64 v1909
    My Opera GX version is LVL1 core:68.0.3618.142

    Well I turn up opera gx after my pc is fully booted
    When I check task manager it isn’t consuming much
    But after a while let’s say I opened some movie streaming website I watch a movie and then it stops in the middle on full screen, I try going out but it doesn’t click so I use escape button on the keyboard but the video player is taking the whole page I still see the opera gx bars and stuff then I try to exit opera gx and there my pc just freezes while opera still working
    -Can’t click on icons in the desktop
    -Can’t pop up task manager
    -Then sometimes my pc goes dark and I only see
    black screen and the mouse cursor
    -can’t turn it off or sign out user

    What I can do is :
    -Shortcuts work for about 1 min after it crashes then they stop working

    One time I managed to access process hacker2 before it freezes I checked The memory it was average not eating much ram neither CPU power are at lowest
    And one time I also managed to open up task manager but all processes had 0 mb usage and 0 cpu usage which was odd

    At first I thought it was malware of some sort but it ended up being opera related I diagnosed it for a while let’s say 3 days

    I got the idea the flash player or something opera gx related is causing freezing without eating up ressources

  • @yassirone21 same issue its so annoying