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Profile and data-path flag on Opera 23

  • Hi! I used to start Opera with this flags, but only the cache related are working after auto updating to Opera 23.

    "C:\Program Files (x86)\Opera\launcher.exe" --disk-cache-dir=R:\ --disk-cache-size=419430400 --data-path=F:\Opera\Seven\Profile

    My old profile is not working and I just get the default one. Has the --data-path flag changed? Thanks!

  • Strange, where does it say your profile now is when you look at "About Opera"?
    Try deleting that folder without Opera running, and then run it again with the switch and see if the profile now goes where you want it to, or whether it just re-creates the deleted folder.

  • Thanks Dave! It says:

    Install: C:\Program Files\Opera
    Profile: C:\Documents and Settings\r0\Application Data\Opera Software\Opera Stable
    Cache: C:\Documents and Settings\r0\Local Settings\Application Data\Opera Software\Opera Stable

    I deleted the Opera Software folder but when I run Opera it makes a new folder and a new profile.

    On the other hand I just verified that the cache files are being created in my custom cache path even if About Opera shows the default path.