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Opera always in foreground

  • Same problem. I can tolerate hitting the Windows button, but it's not a very elegant solution. Opera (to me) has always been "all about the easy" and I think this really should get addressed by the Opera development team.

  • @bignick277 I get it. 🙂 Well, I didn't mean to keep on arguing with you, I was just presenting a solution to anybody too then the moment you mentioned snap I understood your point was about your usage only. Ok.

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  • @linuxmint7, aren't you from Russia, bro? )
    The same goes for me, I've used to long. Sometimes Opera 12 due to rendering problem cause whole OS to hang. A week ago I moved to Opera 22, cause there were too many freezes on some sites during using of 12. And 22th Opera was the final reason go gave up on Opera browsers. I got here just to solve issue with nav bar hiding, as Web developer I still tests sites under Opera too, but browser of choice has changes for me. And due to lack of some functionality I'm still trying to get used to Chrome, still better then Opera 22.
    Opera 12 was so much good, that I wouldn't understand that if it wasn't discontinued.

  • I have the same issue, has a solution or fix been released to fix the annoying hidden taskbar issue yet? Thank you.

  • It's fixed in latest Next build, yes. But stable channel isn't updated yet.

  • The whole point of having the taskbar set to Auto-hide, and having all my windows, (including Opera,) set to maximum, is so that I can see my whole screen when I browse the web, and use various programs without having to press any buttons. I am currently using Juarez's solution to temporarily "fix" the problem, but it is just the same as showing my Taskbar all the time; because of the tabs at the top dropping down below the frame. Opera does a very good job of showing everything when maximized, without having to push any buttons, such as F11, for fullscreen, or the Start key, to show Taskbar. It has only been since Opera23 that this started happening; because, it happened exactly the same on my Desktop, as it did on my laptop, after update from Opera22. PLEASE, update with a workaround. Thank you OpDevs!

  • I would like to add however, that I just installed Opera Next, and it fixed the problem. Thanks @Christoph142

  • Should be fixed by yesterday's update in stable channel now, too 😉

  • Thanks so much for the update 23.0.1522.72!

  • Thanks for the fix. Works fine.

  • I changed for 23.0.1522.72. The problem solved! Thanks! 🙂

  • FIXED.... Awesomeness. Thanks for the fix.

  • Thank you "Team Opera" for getting this resolved! More Opera love.

  • Problem solved with 23.0.1522.72

  • Version 23.0.1522.60 appears to be the latest stable version for download, and this issue is present there. Could anyone please advise me on how to get the version with the fix?

  • Here is an official alternative location for downloading the stable channel of Opera (Blink).

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  • I am suffering from the same problem in Opera 24 with Windows 8.1. Whenever I press the windows-button, the start menu, but obviously not the taskbar pops up.

    It doesnt happen all the time, but at random moments.

    Is there any way to fix this without having to resize the screen all the time? This issue is preventing me from working efficiently.

  • Same here. On Windows 7 x64, with Opera 24:

    • Main window is always on top of other applications (in full-screen and also in windowed mode)
    • In full-screen, I can't access my Windows auto-hidden taskbar.

    And just as said Mesecur before me, it prevents me too from working efficiently, and I would add that it's a very big annoyance. I was defenitely happier back when Presto was still here...

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