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  • Had this problem for months. Still happening on 40.0.2308.62
    Don't know why I stick with this browser, been all down hill since 12.17. Still be using that version now if it didn't crash all the time.

    [Mod edit: off-topic part removed. Such kind of discussion has ended and you lost the timming.]

  • OPR/42.0.2374.0 here, still no fix. Really annoying bug/feature.

  • Still broken in stable version 41.0.2353.46. Hard to understand why a bug thats so annoying isn't being addressed.

  • I just realized this also happens in Chrome and Vivaldi! So it seems it may be a Blink engine thing.

  • Then its the HTML5 video rendering component of the engine. HTML5 videos in fullscreen are what trigger it here.
    No change in version 41.0.2353.56

  • Still broken on 43.0.2442.991 (PGO). Doesn't look good for getting fixed. Eight months since it bugged, I'll post on its anniversary. 😕

  • Quite frankly I don't think this is a bug at all. People only refer to it as such because it's a functionality which got changed over time which some people didn't like, as such it's dubbed a bug. But that doesn't mean it actually is one.

    What do Minecraft, Blender 3D modeler/renderer, the NetBeans Java IDE, VLC media player and Opera 43 have in common?

    The fact that if you use their full screen modus then it will cover the Windows taskbar no matter what. Also noteworthy: if you press the windows key (or control-escape) this will open the Windows start menu which also shows the Windows taskbar again. It's not as if the taskbar is hidden forever until you exit fullscreen mode or the program itself.

    So quite frankly I don't see the problem here. I can understand that some people consider it problematic when they have to deal with a change in the programs behavior, I myself am also not always very happy about certain changes, but that doesn't make it a bug 😉

  • shelluser, that's not the issue. When in full screen, you don't want that thin line of pixels from the taskbar to be visible. That's what happens and that's ok. The problem is when you return from full screen. At that point you should have that thin line back, but it's not and you are forced to restore Opera's window, press the Windows key and then maximize again. So basically, exiting from full screen doesn't leave everything as it was before.

  • As alobpeis points out shelluser, opera is interfering with windows functionality after exiting full screen, and is therefore a bug. Enable taskbar auto-hide, watch a youtube vid, experience this wonderful 'feature' for yourself. 🙂

  • Seems this bug is still here....

    I downgraded monitors from 4k after upgrading due to the samsung u28e590d sounding like a bug zapper to 1080p... Just got a replacement monitor - Acer 4k with 3 year warranty which is nice - and now Opera stays on top... even after exiting and re-opening... Very annoying because I switch between many programs on my 6 monitors and some are overlayed on my primary...

    Windows 10 Pro x64 - Opera Version information

    Version: 49.0.2725.39 (PGO) - Restart Opera to update to version 49.0.2725.47 Relaunch Now
    Update stream: Stable
    System: Windows 10 64-bit
    Browser identification

    Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/62.0.3202.89 Safari/537.36 OPR/49.0.2725.39

    Edit: After relaunching for the update ( I relaunched 3 times before I saw the version information screen - the update should've been ready to install after I exited last time.... and it didn't fix the issue ) on the about screen - it appears as though everything is back to normal...

  • 20 months later, and the opera taskbar autohide bug persists.. I've been running firefox quantum alongside opera since its release because of this, its grown on me. Page rendering is much quicker and I now use it more than opera. Reading today about opera's susceptibility to spectre attacks, and how little is done regarding bugs, I'm dumping opera.