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Opera crashed -> Last Tabs disappeared

  • Hello guys,

    My Opera crashed and all my last tabs disappeared. I´ve read some other threads, but I have a few Problems:

    a) Some threads say to Change the "Current Session/Tabs File" with the "Last Session" file
    -> Problem: I have no "Last Session/" or the "Last Session" file.

    b) I had the Extension "V7 Tabs" which should save my sessions.
    -> Problem: After the crash, the hole V7 Tab list is empty.

    c) Same with the Extension "Easy Tab Manager" -> the list is now empty.

    Has anyone an idea?

    I appreciate any help! Thank you!

  • Problem: I have no "Last Session" file.

    Just to double-check that you're looking in the right place, goto the URL opera://about and see the "profile" path. That's where the "Current Session", "Current Tabs", "Last Session" and "Last Tabs" files would be. If the "Last Session" and "Last Tabs" files are gone and if all of your saved sessions are lost in your session extensions, you're out of luck.

    You can switch to Session Buddy now if you want to see if it handles crashes better than the other extensions. But, don't just rely on the saving of the current session, save the current session to separate session every once in a while. Also, while Opera is closed, copy the tab and session files to a safe place once in a while so you have backups.

    Just in case you didn't see it in one of the other threads, you can right-click on a tab or the tab bar and choose "save all tabs as a speed dial folder" so you have your opened tabs backed up. You can bookmark new tabs to that speed dial folder too. Then, if you every have to, you can right-click on the speed dial folder and choose "open all in tabs". You can also backup your bookmarks via the drop-down on the opera://bookmarks page and it'll backup that speed dial folder too. You can also use the bookmarks page to move the speed dial folder to one of the other bookmarks folders so the folder isn't in your start page.

  • @burnout426 Thanks for your help! Sadly I was in the correct order. There are just the two "Current" files.

    Btw. I saw that I described sth. wrong. My Opera hasn´t crashed, I closed it normally. It will make no differences, but too be clear in that case. In all other Topics Opera that I saw Opera crashed.

    (I can´t Change the title or?)

  • @sirtoni said in Opera crashed -> Last Tabs disappeared:

    My Opera hasn´t crashed, I closed it normally. It will make no differences, but too be clear in that case.

    Are you saying that every time you close Opera you lose all your tabs? If so, goto the URL opera://settings/onStartup and make sure "Retain tabs from previous session" is still selected.

  • @burnout426 Hey! Thanks again! No, normally I closed Opera and it saved my tabs. This one time all tabs disappeared. (And also all saved sessions in the extensions.)

    There was no crash and that´s why I´m confused, that it deleted the "Last Session"-Files and also every entry of the extensions. 😕