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Opera Invalid Server Certificate Error - Cannot Bypass on Approved Site

  • Hi.
    Im using Opera 22.0.1471.70 on Windows XP. Initially was using older version of Opera with no problems, however after upgrade we can no longer go to certain websites.

    We are getting a splash screen that says SSL Error Invalid Server Certificate.

    This is a U.S. Govt website so it is safe to visit. We cannot use Opera at our company anymore as everyone is getting this error IT did an upgrade. We have been told to revert to using Internet Explorer.

    I have searched online for over 1 hr and all the responses to people with this same issue are useless. They do not work and all seems to be a custom solution per person.

    What is a universal solution to this error??

    Also, after opera upgrade, our users are complaining that they can no longer change search providers. The older Opera had a nice search bar on the right side that had a list of search providers to choose from. This has been removed in the upgrade and now our users are having to type the url of the search provider. I searched online and found what seemed to be a solution, but after following the steps it did not work.

    Again, IT has told us to use Chrome or Firefox if we want this option.

    Sad but it seems Opera is moving backward in terms of the usability and functionality of their browser.
    I am installing Chrome for the first time due to this but would like to keep using Opera.

  • naming the government site as a first step would help sorting this out for you...

  • Please view this link for an image of the error.

    Thank you

  • When I tried to view the image, I received the following message:

    Sorry, "" does not exist or could not be found

    Carlos Roberto

  • So let me get that straight:
    You are working inside a government environment and you get that message on every page?

  • Sorry about that:
    Here is another link from tinypic and one from another image hoster. Thank you very much.

  • No. We are not inside a Gov environment. We are a contracting company and we are trying to use Opera for certain functions, one being a back up browser. The Gov't staff told us not to use Firefox. Opera is ok, but we cannot get to any site that is Gov't.

  • Your address bar content is showing Google with this error. That certainly isn't a governmental website. That's why I'm asking...

  • Address bar content is showing google because at the time i didnt have the link bookmarked in Opera so I searched for the site.

    Here is an image with the website copy pasted into Opera. Same issue.

    And yes this is a Gov site hence the ending level domain.

    In I.E. you just select "continue to this website" and it bypasses the error. Many Gov sites have this issue. Even in Firefox has the bypass option.

  • More threads are popping up with this same issue.

    Ive had this probelm with no solutions for the last several months. Running XP with latest service packs. Read the same recommendations about computer time/date, Antivirus SSL, both of which did not solve the problem.

    As of yet there is no working solution for this issue.

    Our company has been instructed to not use Opera. I wish this issue would be resolved but thus far I dont see any actual solutions just a few ideas that dont work.