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Can't enter text into Facebook text fields using Opera. Edge, Chrome no issue.

  • This has been a presistant problem for a few months now. There are some legacy post, locked, where it's not clear if the users bug report was resolved, or just let drop out of sight. System 64bit, Opera, current release.
    Have uninstalled, wiped, cleaned, prayed, each time Opera is reinstalled, same problem. You can't even click the cursor into a text input field, much less input characters.
    Seems it's only on Facebook, other frequently visited sites have no problem.
    Was shocked, no appalled at the amount of "burried" software Opera installed this last upgrade. Took me hours to hand pick and delete from the system, some left kicking and screaming.
    Been a long time Opera user, I'm familiar with the program under Windows. It has, at times been the most performance orientated piece, wonderfully configurable, and so darn easy to use. It tears at my heart to have to use Edge on Facebook.
    Recently stripped down to essential, ran in safe mode, nothing worked.
    Seems bloody simple, can't type logged onto Facebook.
    Any yes, has also experienced Opera being wiped out by both Edge and windows upgrades. However, that thread had been convientally lock out by a mod. Realize that SOP on Windows forums and such, but the user base here likes Opera, and thread locking doesn't allow for future solutions to be presented, when a seemingly fix fails a few months later, or the OP just gave up and did the unthinkable.