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Opera "Browser" task using a lot of CPU

  • I haven't done the whole "clear your profile, reset the flags" instructions, because it's something that's been happening in two different computers, both using Opera Beta right now Version:68.0.3618.55 on Windows 10, in this laptop with 16GB of RAM and an i7-7500 2.70GHz processor.

    Almost every time I open a new tab and sometimes also just randomly at any moment the browser freezes for a few seconds and I can see the CPU in my global task manager to be 100% because of "Opera beta Internet Browser". What I hate the most though is that when I open the Opera Task Manager says that the task having high CPU is "Browser". It's worst when I open a new tab and them immediately start typing in the address bar. Not even the Opera Task Manager updates for a few seconds because of how frozen the browser is.

    Based on this I have a few questions:

    • Am I the only one experiencing this?
    • Is there anything to try to identify the problem if all the CPU comes from the "Browser" task? I imagine that if the problem comes from an extension, then the Task manager would point to that extension, right? (right??)

    I'm used to having a lot of tabs open. And that's been the main reason why I've used Opera all these years, is that had been able to handle that pretty smoothly, but then in the last week or so it's been a almost a nightmare. Specially the "new tab + type in the address bar" freeze. Sometimes I can't do anything with the browser at all for 5 to 8 seconds and it's driving me crazy.

    Anybody seeing the same issue? Thanks!