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Opera crashes ~1 minute after being opened

  • The latest Opera of as Today June 24, 20 keeps shutting down after 30 or so minuets. Uninstalling, Reinstalling, Cleaning up Folder no Help. It works only on start but then 30 seconds or so it shuts down with out any errors......

  • It crashes on any action in the O menu, also any attempt to set the new weather widget to "Your city" and who knows what else since I can't get past a crash. Uninstall, reinstall same deal. I'd put this in a bug report but it crashes on any input to the bug report. Anyone has access I have at least 15 crash reports in there. So maybe a mod can pass this along. Meanwhile I can make do with O 68

  • I gave up and downloaded Opera Developer. No more crashes. I simply synched the new Opera with my account and all was working as before. A pain but worth it. I am hoping the next update of standard opera fixes things.

  • Back again. The issue randomly stopped happening, then came right back after a windows update. I don't know if it's connected but if Opera is closing itself because of a windows security update I've got some Serious questions about what the hell it's doing to my system.

    Edit : Restarting my PC again seems to have fixed the problem for now. But I shouldn't have to explain why "Restart and hope it works" isn't a solution.

  • I had the same problem today with version 69.0.3686.77. As I understand the problem is in the account online. To make it work again you have to disconnect your pc from internet, so that opera can stay open for more than a few seconds, go to settings and disconnect from your account. After that you can reconnect, everything will work (except for sync...). If I try to log in again it will freeze again, but after I created a new account the sync seems to work fine with that one.
    I also had the same problem back in march when the opera version with workspaces came out (it should have been the 67), and in a couple of minor versions the problem was solved. My hope is that it won't happen cyclically every couple of months!

  • @karellen

    It seems a little more complicated than that. If you read back a bit, in one of my comments I mention only making an Opera-acc just to post this thread. So it started happening before I had one. Also I reverted back to ver.67.0.3575.97 and that has been running mostly without issues. (Though google keeps signing me out, so I periodically need to log back in.) I'm too afraid to try updating again, to be honest, it's just a lot of hassle to get it back into a functional state.

  • Just happened to me with latest build. I read somewhere that syncing with the online account can cause it to hang until it's done, which can take awhile, so I waited. Sure enough, after 20-30 minutes it started working again.

  • @mquigggeorgia
    I didn't know that, I tried and it works! Windows told me opera didn't respond and asked me a few times if I wanted to close it, but after a couple of minutes everything is working fine! Thank you for the tip!

  • I had this happening to me too
    It started happening yesterday(for me) but I think I fixed it(I think) by updating to opera 69.0.3686.77
    I was on 68 something and I think that version is just broken so if you open the opera menu and go to update & recovery and check for an update(my opera was open long enough to download and install it surprisingly) and it should update and hopefully fix your issue 🙂

  • 69.0.3686.77 version crashes every time after one minute of work, eats 30% CPU and crashes. is it ok?? what should I do? besides switching to chrome...

  • @belkaspeleo I don't really know but it seems that opera is just doing this to random people on random versions? op switched back to 67.0.3575.97 to fix the crashing thing and that seems to have ended up working for them(mostly)

    You might want to try vivaldi(its like opera but its still being made by the original creators of opera) but i don't really know why this happening to random people

  • @belkaspeleo
    That happened to me too with that same version. I solved just waiting a couple of minutes (but depending on your pc it could take even half an hour), even if windows says that the program does not respond keep it open. If it doesn't work you have to opt out from syncing, but you'll need to disconnect from internet first to keep opera open. After that you can create a new account and sync all your old stuff from local to that new account, that is like making a clone that works again.

  • @karellen thanks a lot. I have a brand new HP, I doubt that it will take a longtime to recover... so, there are truobles with synchronization?..

  • @belkaspeleo Yes, it seems that there's something in the online account, maybe some old settings or something else that creates some kind of conflict. In fact if you create a new account at the end of the day you'll put the exact same things you had in the old one (bookmarks, settings, passwords, etc.) as it's what you have saved in local and that obviously were mirrored online, but somehow it will work flawlessly. However when it freezes it seems to repair the account too and it will solve the problem.

  • ok so im realizing now that most people are having an issue where opera doesn't close but just dies? my opera was just closing the whole window and i had to update to get it to stop

    didn't know opera had 2 separate crashing issues

  • I know it sounds a bit strange but this happened to me and I got the windows message to either "Close the program" or "wait till it responds". I chose to wait and went and cut the grass. When I returned to the PC Opera was running fine but all my speed dials had gone. I have restored them and no more crashes!. All running like clockwork!

  • This post is deleted!
  • I was trying to comment to "[Solved]Opera keeps crashing 3-4 times in a row", but it was closed and not the best solve. Now my system is Linux but I sure the problem is similar. in the referenced topic they deleted the entire /.config/opera folder, but I discovered it actually one one file in the /opera folder "Preferences" had become corrupted by the sync function. Luck for me I had made a backup of the entire configuration folder and was able to replace with a yet larger then current, but close to original file by about 400kb in comparison to the original 341kb file.
    The problem with not having a backup is you will loose most everything and be starting over with hours trying to get close to what you had. In windows if I remember the equivalent would be in a folder "AppData" somewhere in the user folder. You will have to change folder options to see this as they are hidden. Always pays to have traditional backups especially for windows because there system restore often dose not give what you need or want and is a real POS anyway. Of my 4 PC's only the laptop has Win7 to run only two programs and is backed up to one of my Linux machines.

    I found the problem by making a copy of the effected folder and coping back a few files at a time, until the problem came back. It is Important to close the browser each time you copy of the new folder or the will not stick and be over written. As an example the new Preferences file will be about 40Kb and stay that way on closing the browser. Do not copy any .LOCK files as this will impede your efforts.