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Opera Next is chewing up GBs of space on my SSD

  • I've had Opera Next installed for a while, just to follow the progress of the browser. I don't use it as my default browser, in fact, I don't really use it at all.

    After updating to the latest version, I noticed that space on my SSD started to disappear. I tracked that down to this folder: -

    So Opera Next is using up nearly 7GB space there. Why is this? What are those files and why are they getting bigger and bigger when I'm not even using the browser?

  • Check the folders.

  • The diskspace waste is by design in Opera. For example after version 18-19 they removed the possibility to relocate the cache, so for average internet users, those hundreds of gigabytes of cache downloaded every month are sure to ware you SSD faster than you expected.

  • Opera is not worth more than my SSD, it needs to be fixed.

  • Unfortunately, despite very other browser having a possibility to relocate cache, has been since the dawn of internet, Opera developers has shown not to understand why people would want to move cache... In a recent discussion. So your best bet is not that Opera will get new features, but to use another browser.

  • You can change cache dir destination.

    Start Opera with commandline parameter for destination dir and size: --disk-cache-dir=D:\MYCACHEDIR --disk-cache-size=314572800

    You can also add thes parameters to registry settings


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