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  • I've decided to stay with Opera Before Christ Knows What Happened, so...

    Currently, I've only one version installed, but maybe I'm gonna consider either changing it or adding a standalone (or two) - if this installation should behave not exactly well.

    Should people have something to recommend, I'll appreciate that. Currently having a weirdly "localised" 11.63, I was thinking about trying some other version within the range of 11.xx to, maybe, 12.something.
    What could you say, guys: what are the major differences between 12 and 11? And if somebody uses 11s, which of those are less buggy? And generally - what is the experience you've had with the 11s?
    (Or maybe someone will all of a sudden suggest a 10?;)

    Also, I'm wondering what sources are o'k to get an Opera?
    A Yahoo search offered the following sources (page 1):

    2. some "blogspot";
    5. a "Softonic";
      and... Well, it's another 'blogspot'. I guess it might be some personal sharing?:left:
  • It would be easier to say the reasons why you have stayed using 11.63 instead of upgrading to a later version of Opera Presto rather than someone listing every difference between your current version and all the later versions. For one thing, it could take quite a long time to do that, short of going through all the different change logs.

    Oh, and the best source for Opera files is the Official site.


  • I was talking about major differences.

    Well, ..63 is the last version that preserves all the customisable features in the browser: the next one lost the voice feature - however I haven't ever used and have hardly ever been going to use it.
    I've used the sounds, however, although with the much faster connection I'm using now they're not so much needed actually: I've got rid of my custom "page's loaded" sound (cause some sites keep sorta updating their already loaded pages, etc., and some open up to several pop-ups - usually adverts); I'm still using my "click link" sound, "page failed", and "start Opera" & "bye-bye, Opera" ones, though. "Start Opera" is rather moderately informative, while that "page failed" one is relatively useful.

  • What is a major difference to one user could be minor to another user. Probably the best thing to do is install the latest version of Presto in 'Stand-alone USB' mode and copy your profile over to it and give it a try. If you don't get on with it, just delete the folder and try a slightly older version. Keep going backwards until you find a version that you are comfortable with and that meets your needs. That's what I did .

  • Probably the best thing to do is install the latest version of Presto in 'Stand-alone USB' mode and copy your profile over to it and give it a try.

    I was exactly considering a standalone.
    But isn't there a possibility to have a standalone not on a removable drive? Somewhere to disk D? I guess "portable" and "standalone" are not one and the same?

  • Yes, you can place the 'Stand-alone USB' installation anywhere you wish, a folder somewhere on your hard drive, on a USB flash drive, a memory card or an external hard drive.

  • So you say, any portable version must fit to act standalone, right?

  • When you run the 'Official' Opera installer, you get a choice of options when you click the 'Options' button on the bottom left of the installer window. That is where you choose where and how you wish Opera to be installed. 'Stand-alone USB' is one of those options, along with the choice of location you wish to place this 'Portable' version of Opera.

  • O'k.

    When you run the 'Official' Opera installer...

    So you pointed at three such sources:

    ...and the best source for Opera files is the Official site.

    Is that right?

  • Two official sources for downloading the installer for the version you wish to try. Each version comes with it's own installer that you have to run so you can choose the type of install (fixed install (like most programs) or 'portable') you wish to use.

    I listed two sources because one has versions going back to version Opera 3.21, but I guess that won't be much use to you. Just use the first link and ignore the second.

  • O'k.

    (I tried a 3 once, though. Was it fun? :D)

  • Fun, only if you don't like viewing web pages as they should be displayed.

    I did try version 5.02 not too long ago (the first version I ever used as my default and only browser) and it was surprisingly quite usable, and fun.