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  • @avl thanks for let me know you're ruing the experience, moving out to an older version and block autoupdates

  • @federr7 same here. Staying on v67 and blocking auto-update.

  • It´s essential for my use

  • @opera-singer Actually, in the end, Vivaldi is a pretty great alternative. It's like Opera would be, if they cared.

  • I am seriously enraged by this action. Removing this shortcut without even allowing it to be optionally turned back on is a grave mistake. This was THE core feature that made me pick opera above other available browsers. Also, it was the main reason I recommended it to my friends and family. I can not comprehend the logic of "not enough people using it" to be the sole argument for removal of this feature. A lot of features are not used on a daily basis by the average Joe, yet somehow you decided to get rid of this particular tool.
    As for staying on previous versions of the browser - you gotta realise that guys who decide not to update the browser are going to be at risk for safety, because alongside questionable development choices every new browser version patches the possible security gaps. That means whether someone was to create a comparison of the browser's safety, these users could prove your product to be inferior.
    Opera, please, bring back the instant search box as a optional feature and stop forcing me instagram feed on my favorite and most important tool every time you update.

  • This post is deleted!
  • @avl I'm saddened by this decision, to remove the instant search feature, as it was the one that made me use Opera above other browsers,as well as a built in whatsapp web, speed and security. Although I don't think I'll switch browsers, I will change to a prior version of Opera. Hopefully in later builds we will see this feature back.

    Anyways, thank you for this statement.
    Have a nice day

  • @avl I'm sorry but your explanation seems to be nonsensical. The instant search might not have been very widely used but it was obviously a very important feature for at least more conscious users, myself included. I tried various browsers but always came back to Opera above all because of this one feature.
    Now, why did you feel obliged to remove this particular feature whereas Opera certainly has so many other features which are used just as seldom or even more rarely? I could understand if you set it to off by default to unclutter the sidebar but left a switch to bring it back. However, I can't understand removing it completely, not leaving us a choice. I do recommend analysing the users' feedback again and bringing the feature back.

  • @avl , I will add to the crescendo of voices that this was one of the important factors on why Opera is on my machines. Please bring it back. I was one of those people who hadn't used it much until this year, but now use it all the time. Your tab search has nothing to do with an Internet search. I often have over 3 dozen tabs open, but I can tell what they are. Please bring Instant Search back, ASAP.

  • With a bit of work, and a thank you to the fine people who have posted the solution to this forum, I too have reverted back to version 67 to get back the Instant Search and Recently Closed tab features. I don't understand why there ever would be a reason to remove a feature from Opera, especially one that makes it so unique and practical.

  • @Teadrinker76 Vivaldi has a superior Instant Search -- press F2 in Vivaldi and find out! They call it Quick Command -- it's far superior actually to Opera's previous Instant Search.

  • @federr7 IKR!!! I am not even staying with opera anymore, if not for instant search, it is no different from other browsers. I am moving to Chromium Edge, its fairly new but they promise to give all Edge features and Windows optimization with a Chromium browser. I think its a sweeter deal than any opera ever was. Glad you removed this feature Opera devs, I already found my replacement. This shit blew out of proportion, people first were requesting, now they're mad and moving on with other picks. Hope you're happy with your decision devs

  • @treego I wouldn't say far superior. It certainly displays more options, but you cannot display the results of a search within that window. It has to open a new window, unless I am mistaken. Thus, the key part of instant search isn't really there.

  • @opera-singer it still was far more useful than a new tab. Because if you wanted to look up say, quick dates, movie releases, definitions, pictures, etc etc. Where you didn't need to open any links but only had to google search. But alas, its gone and I have moved on with another browser (Chromium Edge it is)

  • @opera-singer said in Instant search box gone?:

    @treego I wouldn't say far superior. It certainly displays more options, but you cannot display the results of a search within that window. It has to open a new window, unless I am mistaken. Thus, the key part of instant search isn't really there.

    Fair point ... Vivaldi opens the search result in a new "tab" as opposed to a new "window," though.

  • @treego Yeah you're right. I misspoke

  • What are the chances of opera listening and bringing it back?

  • @Teadrinker76 said in Instant search box gone?:

    What are the chances of opera listening and bringing it back?

    Yes, is this decision absolutely final? I really do hate to use an older version of Opera, but that's what I'll be using for as long as Instant Search remains removed.

  • @avl Outch !
    It seems like Opera looks now toward the beginners.
    Hard to think the real opera'users, i mean those who use massively the deep and advanced features that make Opera a pionneer in websurfing like the floating instant search qualified it as "negligible" feature.
    I understand and respect the commercial strategy but i dislike it.
    I will continue to use Opera for the moment but so sad it is loosing his soul.

  • I noticed that my mention to avl was removed from my latest reply. I think I can safely speak for a good chunk of us here by saying that we don't know the best way to be heard, here. We all feel very passionately about this feature that was removed; some of us have reverted back to v67, while others have switched to a different browser altogether. Thus, why we've been mentioning avl, the only staff member who has participated in this thread.

    Clearly this thread is being monitored, so I ask: What do we do to be heard? Is this decision final, or is a reconsideration possible? I am eager to hear from Opera staff, even if it is to say that Instant Search will be, sadly, irreversibly no more.