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How to get rid of google search engine for good?

  • Hello:

    I can't stand if anything written in the URL address bar is searched for at any sites, especially at google site.
    Occasionally when I type a user name or password it is typed into the broswer's URL bar unintentionally by mistake. I don't want these terms to be searched for either, especially not by google.

    For this reason I deleted google search engine from Tools -> Preferences -> Search, but from time to time it is set back by the browser. I don't know what it is that triggers opera to set back the google search engine.

    1. How can I remove google search engine for forever? I don't want it.
    2. How can I remove every search engine? If I have one left in the search engine window, the delete button is grayed out.

    I use linux opera 12.16 build 1860.



  • 1. Revert to 12.14. Seriously. The 12.15 version added a "fix" ostensibly to block malicious search-engine hijacking in the browser, so the browser became essentially hard-wired with a handful of pre-set search engines that are the only ones that can be maintained as default. Other engines can be added and temporarily made default, but not preserved as defaults. The members of the original, as-shipped list are reinstated and put back into effect each time Opera is restarted, regardless of how a user may have set things otherwise. Version 12.15 added this "fix" (among other things), and 12.16 merely added other security updates without changing the search-engine behavior applied in 12.15.

    2. As far as deleting the last search engine, I've never tried it with any version or any browser brand, so I have no idea how they all compare. But I'm merely guessing it's designed to prevent the browser from becoming search-incapable. If one deletes the last engine, there will be no built-in way of going out to the Internet to do any kind of information search (even for an alternate search engine)... so it's probably a way to protect a zealous user from himself.

  • Hello:

    1. I have downgraded to opera 12.14 as you suggested.
    The google search engine disappeared from the search window (it was there in 12.16 and I did not deleted it).
    It seems that 12.14 respects my preferences.
    I will see what will happen later.

    2. It is not as important as question 1. If I can't delete it I configure its URL to opera:blank.

    Thanks for your valuable help!