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  • For the past two days, Opera for Android, both the full and Mini versions, have not been syncing when logging in. I will receive emails that there were logins, but the apps themselves will eventually crash and offer to submit feedback.

    Bug reports (2) have been filed, one for each version.

  • Yes, I have also the same problem please let me know if you got any solution.

  • @uzairch said in Opera not syncing:

    Yes, I have also the same problem please let me know if you got any solution.

    I opened two separate bug reports, one for full Opera on Android, the other for Mini and when new versions of both were released and updated, sync began to work again. Keep trying.

  • This is why why I use the UC Browser also on my device for support... 🧑

  • I also opened a Bug Report (ANDEX-78330) about this.

    When toggling Sync and then entering the Passphrase it says "Temporary server error, Please try again later."

    This is a new issue seemingly introduced with the latest version of Opera.

    I get it on one device (where I did yesterday a fresh install) so I checked another device (which was still on the previous version, 56) and it didn't had any issue, updated from the Play Store and it has the same issue now!

  • I have the same problem now. Everything was fine until the latest update.

  • @epp I just get "Temporary server error. Please try again later." when I try to log-in

  • Same for me. Never used Opera Sync before and this is not very good introduction. 🤷🏻♂
    No solution so far?

  • same here , only posting for update notification of if/when this gets fixed 😞

  • I had the same error in the lastest version of Opera. But the beta version works fine, and I can login without error.

    I've noticed that the stable version lets me login with my account but the sync is off and when I try to activate it asks me for a "secret phrase". The beta version does not do this, it just takes my login credentials and activates sync without hesitation.

  • @epp updating the apps worked for me, maybe they released the latest update just to fix this problem

  • So I got the "Temporary server error. Please try again later." Message and the followed the instructions to reset passphrase believing that my sync info would still be there like it said but when I got done most of my info was gone and I have no idea on how to retrieve it, my device's are now synced but with half of what should be there and it was gone from my original device as well. I'm using the full version with VPN on Android if anyone could help that would be great cause I had a lot of speed dials that I use daily that are now gone. Thx for any reply.

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