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  • Hi, I just installed Opera again after formatting my pc, and for some reason I can't change the wallpaper. If I try to upload one, nothing happens, If I right click on an image and set it as a wallpaper, it gets downloaded, but the wallpaper doesn't change. If I add wallpapers, they get added to the ones you can select in settings, but clicking on them doesn't do anything, the default one still stays selected. Any reason why this might happen and how could I solve it? Thanks!

  • @pulo97 This feature broke a few versions back and it's been annoying me for long enough to figure out a work around, though it's kind of a pain and it only works 1 as I'll describe below.

    Bug Add your wallpaper does not set the current wallpaper.

    Current behavior: The open button has no effect.

    Repro steps:
    Right click the current wallpaper and click the Add your wallpaper button and select an image.

    Expected behavior: The current wallpaper is set to the image and the image added to the Recent Images queue.

    Disclaimer, this is essentially brute force but worked and I'm not getting paid to do more refined test work.
    I located an older build of the product from one of many caches you can find on the web by searching, probably github. I selected a build and chose Opera_58.0.3135.90_Setup_x64.exe

    I uninstalled Opera then ran the executable. On first launch you can set wallpapers to your hearts content - once. I selected a bunch which now appear in the Recent gallery and so can be reused.

    So what does Opera do? It upgrades itself in the background thus bringing back the bug; as soon as you exit this session the feature will be broken again by which I mean it won't allow you to set a new wallpaper, only from your Recent.

    Second workaround: transferring those wallpapers to another computer without having to do it all again which is tedious. So I left Opera install and copied the appdata settings (low and roaming) from one to the other. (I actually cleaned out stuff like log files first). It had the desired effect: the second computer can now use the images from recent. Note: The file paths on the two machines are identical. I didn't determine if they are using encoded paths or simply making copies of the image but I believe it's the latter.

    Maybe this will help get a fix in the next build, it's likely to be minor fix in my opinion, but I haven't look at code base.

    Still my browser of choice on Windows (and Android where this issue doesn't apply)